Return from Savannah

Updates to the previous updates:

1) I'm back from a week's travels to North Carolina and Georgia.

2) The new book stands at 51,000 words and counting; if this were NaNoWriMo, I'd be done now.

3) My life list hasn't increased, but thanks to a trip to Harris Neck NWR in southeast Georgia, my 2007 year list is now at 152 species (including painted bunting, anhinga, wood stork, glossy ibis, and common moorhen) with four months to go.

4) I'm almost done with Jim Crace's Arcadia, which is a fascinating look at the way people and cities interrelate, as well as yet another display of the man's astonishing ability to create gorgeous prose.

5) I've done five weeks of the ten-week weightlifting program my neighbor Greg & I started in July; we start week 6 tomorrow, and I'm hoping I won't just be dead in 24 hours.

6) Savannah restaurant recommendation: Sweet Potato, where the lemon collards will make you weep with joy.

7) Is there, anywhere in world literature, a more blatant deus ex machina than the one Shakespeare pulls in As You Like It by having the evil duke charge into the forest with fratricide on his mind, but after encountering a holy man in the woods, undergo conversion and restore everyone's titles and property?

8) A new version of Movable Type has just been released, and with the help of the wonderful folks (Hi, Jonathon!) at the Fictional Company, who host this site, we hope to have it installed here sometime next week, which should (knocking wood) restore full archiving function to after a five-month absence.

9) The 2007 Fantasy League of Gentlemen/Gentlewomen draft is less than a week away! Fear my mad skillz!

10) On a more solemn note, I would like to announce that, for the first time in my life (and possibly the first time in human history), my grandmother has been defeated in a game of Scrabble--by yrs. truly. I accomplished this feat on the second night of my stay there, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I caught her when she was a bit sleep-deprived from waiting for me to get to her apartment, which I did four hours late (thank you, Amtrak.) Also, I should note that I had to do it on the very last play of the game, going out with a nine-point word (DOILY) to get within two points of her--but in the process claiming her rack's four remaining points to earn a 290-284 victory.

Of course, the next night she let me lead her for the whole game and then dropped BLINDEST on me, with the triple word score, for an 86-point swing. Game over.

And if you think I'm unduly proud of having beaten a 91-year-old woman in a board game, all I can say is "You've never seen Mama Lea play Scrabble, have you?"

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