Fantasy Drafts 2007

Yes, folks, the Fantasy League of Gentlemen/Gentlewomen has completed its draft! The 2007 edition of the Fighting Coelacanths is here!

QB: Marc Bulger (5), Brett Favre (17)
RB: Rudi Johnson (9), Julius Jones (33), Adrian Peterson (34), Jerious Norwood (36), Tatum Bell (47), Chris Perry (unranked)
WR: Marvin Harrison (2), Roy Williams (11), Vincent Jackson (32), Santonio Holmes (40), Jerricho Cotchery (25)
TE: Tony Gonzalez (2)
K: Shayne Graham (3)
D: Jaguars (5)

(ESPN position rankings)

*It's a ten-team league.
*We start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, K, D.
*I had the 8th pick in our snaking draft (which means I had the 3rd pick in even-numbered rounds.)


1) In the early weeks, I'm likely to be a little frantic about my 2nd running back, since Jones, Peterson, and Norwood are all involved in RBCCs ("Running Back By Committee," for those of you who don't play fantasy ball) and it may take a while to settle who's starting and who's riding the pine, both for their NFL teams and mine. Rudi is football's most consistent RB not named Tomlinson, though--1300+ yards and 12 TDs in each of the last three seasons.

2) On the plus side, I got top-five value at every other position, and Rudi is top-ten.

3) Since 2005, our league has allowed to keep one player drafted in round 10 or later. In 2005 I chose as my keeper 10th-round pick Willie Parker, who was a huge factor last year. Last year I drafted Jerious Norwood in the 10th round and held onto him for this year--which may prove very important, especially if Warrick Dunn isn't fully healthy.

4) My picks in rounds 10-15 this year: Jones, Holmes, Cotchery, Favre, Graham, and Perry, respectively. During the tenth round, it was tough watching Alex Smith and Michael Turner, both players I'd hoped to land as keepers, go to my competitors (FC Moose Jaw and the Donkeys, respectively), but landing Jones (a starting RB for a good team, and one whose average draft position is in the early 8th round) made up for it. Cotchery usually goes in the 9th round and Favre in the 12th, so I got good value with my late picks.

5) It was a typically wild draft; FLOGGers are gamers, and they don't follow the typical two-running-backs-in-the-first-two-rounds strategy that often; in fact, only 4 teams did. In the first round, two QBs were taken (Peyton Manning and Carson Palmer), and in round two, three WRs (Chad Johnson, Marvin Harrison, and Steve Smith) and a TE (Antonio Gates, of course) were picked.

6) If you consider ADP (average draft position), as determined by, I got pretty good value. I took Rudi (ADP 1.09) one pick early, reached a little bit for Marvin (2.07) but couldn't have gotten him in round three, and picked Gonzo (6.08) half a round early. My only real reaches in terms of ADP were Bulger (4.08), who was the last of the five top-tier QBs still left on the board when my round three pick came up, and the Jaguars, whose ADP is a mystifyingly high 13.02. That said, Roy (3.08) and Bell (7.09) should have been gone a half-round before I picked them, I got Peterson and Jackson at exactly their ADPs, and I snagged Jones, Holmes, and Cotchery over a round later than they should have been taken. Overall, my team is about 3 draft positions better than it should have been at my position in the draft. I can live with that, I think.

7) If you're wondering, my draft went like this:

1 Rudi Johnson RB BENGALS
2 Marvin Harrison WR COLTS
3 Marc Bulger QB RAMS
4 Roy Williams WR LIONS
5 Adrian Peterson RB VIKINGS
6 Tony Gonzalez TE CHIEFS
7 Vincent Jackson WR CHARGERS
8 Tatum Bell RB LIONS
9 Jaguars D
10 Julius Jones RB COWBOYS
11 Santonio Holmes WR STEELERS
12 Jerricho Cotchery WR JETS
13 Brett Favre QB PACKERS
14 Shayne Graham K BENGALS
15 Chris Perry RB BENGALS
16 (keeper): Jerious Norwood RB FALCONS

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