Another Book

It's done.

At midnight last night, I hit the final "save" on the first draft of the new book. It desperately needs revision, reorganization, and tightening, but it's down on paper, or will be once I hit "print," anyway.

Here's what I know so far:

1) It's a fantasy. Not a Tolkienesque epic with the Faerie and Dark Towers and stuff like that, but one where a certain bit of old and obscure magic causes a lot of trouble for trio of university students in Manchester.

2) I think--I'm honestly not sure yet--that it's a YA book. That was the target I set for myself, and I deliberately avoided getting into some complications that I might be willing to explore if I decide it's a book for adults, but there's a chance that I'm wrong.

3) It's part one of a longer story. Right now I think it'll take three books to tell the whole thing. I might finish in two, but I doubt it.

4) It's 80,000 words at the moment--a bit shorter than TV2B's 86,000.

5) The working title for the whole arc (or "series" if you prefer) is "Eroica Variations."

6) The working title for this book is "Student Exchange."

I'll be sure to let you know more as I learn it. Right now I'm just desperately glad to be done with it so I can turn my brain to other important matters such as getting my syllabi in order for the fall.

I must say, however, that was as intense a writing experience as I've ever had. When I sat down on August 1st, I had about 3000 words and a very loose outline in my head. Essentially, I tore through the last five weeks at a clip of about 2000 words (that's about six or seven double-spaced pages) every day--and for one week of August I was on the road visiting my mother-in-law and grandmother.

So thanks to Jude, Tom, and Dennis for making the writing so much fun, and I'll catch the three of you again as soon as I've got time to do some rewriting. As for everyone else, watch this space.

Oh, and when you type 2000 words a day? Your hands really hurt.

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