Liveblogging the ALCS

An experiment: as I sit here watching Game 6 of the AL championship series, I'll post occasional notes, just like the guys on ESPN who know more about baseball and get paid!

8: 00 I'm on dorm with seniors Chris and Mark.  We're trying to predict when FOX Sports will first bring up the Yankees' problems, despite the fact that they aren't playing tonight.  Mark says before the game starts.  Chris is going with 2/3 of an inning.  I said before the bottom of the first.

8:25 First pitch.  Curt Schilling throwing to Grady Sizemore.  Wasn't this game supposed to start at 8:00?  Looks like Mark's wrong.

8:27 Sizemore jacks a towering shot down the right field line. It's called foul, but Cleveland manager Eric Wedge comes out to protest that when it cleared the foul pole, it was fair.  Alas, there's no instant replay in baseball.

8:30 Schilling strikes out Sizemore.  Chris was wrong, too.  Will Joe Torre get some love during the break?

8:33 Julio Lugo introduces the Sox lineup.  He looks deeply, deeply, nervous--like he's in a police lineup, maybe.

8:34 No mention of the Yanks yet.  I'm quietly astonished.

8:35 Terrific play by Asdrubal Cabrera at 2nd--barehanding a Dustin Pedroia chopper to second and almost making the play at first despite throwing it off his right leg.

8:38 Joe Buck informs us that Kevin Youkilis calls himself a "handsy" hitter.  I have no idea what that means, and since Buck's not explaining, I have to wonder if the same isn't true for him.  Off the top of my head, I'm guessing that it means he uses his hands when he bats, which isn't exactly a revelation.  In fact, only one hitter I can think of--the St. Louis Browns' legendary one-armed player Pete Gray--would not have been "handsy," though he was certainly "handy."  Maybe this needs further study.

8:43 Fausto Carmona walks David Ortiz to load the bases with no outs, and here comes Manny.  I predict that he'll be Manny.  But will he be handsy?

8:48 Manny goes 0-2, then the count fills up, then finally he strikes out.  No word on his handsiness or lack thereof.

8:50 As J.D. Drew comes up with two out and the bases loaded, Mark reveals that he hates Drew fiercely.  A varsity pitcher, Mark finds Drew's show-me-the-money attitude objectionable: "He doesn't even like baseball."  I'm sure there are fans in Boston who agree...

8:52 ...or not.  Drew just hit a 3-1 pitch over the left-center wall for a grand salami.  That should improve his chances of getting a cab in Boston.

8:56 FINALLY.  Out number three.  When one inning takes thirty minutes to play, you know you're in for a rough night of blogging.

9:01 Victor Martinez "absolutely tattooed" a ball into right field (in Chris's words).  Not into the upper deck of Fenway, but a long way up and a long way out.  4-1 Boston.

9:06 I know I shouldn't be surprised to hear the Rolling Stones' "I'm Free" used as a theme for the Chase Visa Card, but it sure puts the sound of Mick Jagger singing "Street Fighting Man" at the end of V for Vendetta in a new context, doesn't it?

9:10 Carmona looks a lot less rattled so far this inning.  Granted, it's easier when you're facing the bottom of the order.

9:12 And sure enough, as the top of the order comes around, Pedroia hits a double off the left-field wall--just out of Kenny Lofton's reach.

9:14 In case my tone hasn't made it apparent yet, I'm rooting for the Indians here.  I've got no serious beef with the Red Sox, but I feel the Indians are due--they haven't won a Series since 1948, after all.  The Sox had a better claim up until 2004 (which was the year I went to Fenway and bought myself a Sox cap--in May, I'd like to note), but now they've got to respect the other long-time losers in baseball.

9:16 Double play to end the second.  A twenty-minute inning is a little better.

9:17 Oy.  Tonight's first airing of the inescapable Chevy ads featuring The Artist Formerly Known As Cougar's "This Is Ourrrrrrrrrr Country."  I'd run to the snack bar, but my gorge is rising.

9:24 Two singles for Cleveland before Sizemore drops a shallow fly into Drew's glove.  A little rally?  Cabrera's hitting well with runners in scoring position... but all he gets is a fly to right, leaving runners at the corners with two out.

9:29 And Hafner chops a wambly little ball to Youkilis at first.  Not even the merest scintilla of a rally.  Feh.

9:32 Time for a snack bar break?  Nah, I'll watch the bottom of the third beforehand.

9:34 Oy.  Manny Ramirez walks--that's Carmona's third walk in two innings plus one batter.  He's not looking sharp at all.

9:35 And now Carmona's gone 3-0 on Mike Lowell... and there's ball four.

9:36 And here come J.D. Drew (to the plate) and the pitching coach (to the mound).

9:38 Drew drives a liner into center and Ramirez comes home.  5-1 Sox, no outs.  Carmona's coming out with men on first and second.  I'm heading to the snack bar.  Back soon.

10:28 Well, I'm back, and from what I could see at the snack bar, it wasn't pretty.  It was 8-1 when I walked in, and I got to see Youkilis caught in a run-down--at which point the second baseman attempted to flip the ball to first and bounced it off Youk's head, allowing another run to score.  By the time I got back, it was 10-1 and the Sox were closing out the top of the 5th with a double play.

Pedroia's back up now--he's already been on base three times in the first four innings.

10:32 Whoa.  Pedroia lashed one hard, but Cabrera backhanded it, spun, and threw him out with ease.

10:33 Nice defensive inning, Cleveland--finished off by a beautiful barehand scoop by Casey Blake.  Too bad about that nine-run deficit.

10:35 Devo's "Whip It" is being used in a strange little Taco Bell ad that I don't really like.  But I do like the song.

10: 41 Schilling strikes out Victor Martinez, ending the Cleveland sixth. 

10:42 The ad I just saw for the new Beowulf movie gives me some serous heebie-jeebies.  (The story's one that I like very much, and not just because J.R.R. Tolkien was a fan, either.  And not just because of Seamus Heaney's translation.  And not just because the Heaney has a fabulous cover.  No, I genuinely like it; I studied it at UNC and enjoyed it enough to keep Kevin Crossley-Holland's translation for several decades before Heaney's became available.)  I may even end up seeing the movie, but the commercial makes me worry, because if what it shows is accurate, the film is a video game.  That's what it looks like, I mean.  The actors and actresses appear to have posed for the computer animators, so the video-game version of Grendel's Mother looks like Angelina Jolie (who is in fact playing her), but she looks like a video-game version of Angelina Jolie, not like Angelina Jolie herself.  In fact, weirdly, it looks almost as if Grendel's mother is being played by Lara Croft.

10: 49 Mike Lowell just bounced one off the Green Monster, bringing J.D. Drew up.  Drew, Ellsbury, and Lugo have driven in all of Boston's runs, apparently, and they're batting 7-8-9.  "Not Cleveland's night" is the phrase I'm thinking of.

10:50 Drew strikes out and FOX goes to commercial with Boston's "Don't Look Back."  Boston the band, I mean.  I sincerely hope I never hear Manny Ramirez trying to cover Brad Delp's vocals.

10:55 Jhonny Peralta (sic) is swinging, but I've got to drop out of the blog here in the top of the 7th so I can help the boys check in on dorm.  I'll check back in later, I hope.

11:50 The dorm is checked in, I'm home at last, and the Tribe is going to have to win Game 7 if they want to meet Colorado.  A 12-2 shellacking was NOT what they were hoping for, especially after being up three games to one. 

Maybe I shouldn't live-blog their next one.

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