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*After last September's disastrous sinus infection, I was deeply unhappy last week to discover my throat getting sore and my head getting stuffy.  By Friday, when I accompanied the Rapidan group up Cedar Run to its natural water slide, I was already dubious about the wisdom of getting into the rather chilly water, but I felt like I had to do one slide after hiking all the long, sweaty way there.  I did, and I don't think it hurt me, but the next day I had to serve as public address announcer for the varsity football game in Woodberry's brand-spanking-new Johnson Stadium.  I got through with the help of many, many Hall's Honey-Lemon-Mentholyptus cough drops and a bottle of water, but by the time I finally reached bed (thank the football gods I live right next door to the stadium) I was ready for a serious recuperative crash.  My ears felt so clogged that I actually had a couple of dizzy spells.  Things improved a bit with a restful Sunday; my only activity was watching the Bengals/Browns shootout and the Patriots/Chargers pummeling, but that was it.  Still, I could tell there was no point in pussyfooting around, so on Sunday night I called in sick and said I'd be visiting the doctor's office first thing Monday.  I dutifully did so, and after waiting nearly an hour to be seen, I got a five-minute exam, a diagnosis of viral upper respiratory infection, and two prescriptions which, I'm happy to report, seem to be improving things for me.  Yay.

*It was a good fantasy football weekend.  The Scrub Jays, my team in Mike's insanely complicated Number Crushers league, are undefeated and have earned the highest score in the league two weeks running.  Having drafted Peyton Manning, Jon Kitna, Steve Smith, Chad Johnson, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh gives me a pretty serious passing game, I must say.  The Fighting Coelacanths, over in FLOGG, underachieved in Week One, but came back with a very convincing win in Week Two, helped by the acquisition of Jake Delhomme from the waiver wire.  Here's hoping these trends continue.

*Sometimes there's little point in explaining things:

But this may not be one of those times, since the above link will take you to a video of Boss Hoss (a German country & western band) performing Outkast's "Hey Ya!"  That probably requires at least minimal explanation.

*Somewhat to my surprise, I've been persuaded to take on the role of co-advisor for the school paper, the Oracle.  In recent years, the paper has all too often consisted of two pages of in-jokes followed by two pages of summarizing the last three months of the sports season, but we're hoping to make it a more consistent piece of student journalism.  All we have to do now is find the time to do it.  Ha!

*After years of not having the first clue how to do it, I think I've finally figured out how to play Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" on the piano.  Patience is a virtue.

*I've finally put up the new Yankee Flipper feeder out back and logged the first two birds on it:  a chickadee and a female house sparrow.  I'm hoping something a bit more exotic may turn up soon, but so far the Albemarle Mix doesn't seem to be bringing in too much.

*I finished the summer re-reading some old favorites.  Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett's Good Omens remains every bit the treat it was when I first encountered it.  Back then I didn't know Pratchett at all, so I was uncertain just how much of the writing was Pterry's, but now that I've completed the Discworld books to date (yes, I know, there's a new one), I feel confident in saying he had the job of assembling the final manuscript.  There are certainly Gaiman-like touches throughout, but the book seems put together in a very Pratchetty way, which is not in the least a criticism.  Meanwhile, Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons' Watchmen is still a marvel, but I've become so familiar with it that it no longer bowls me over the way it once did.  Not so Moore and David Lloyd's V for Vendetta, which still has some sublime moments; if it's less mature, less polished and less intricate than Watchmen, it's superior in its emotional resonance.  And "Valerie" still hammers me every time I read it.  I'm not sure I know a better moment in the medium of comics than its last panel.

*There are exactly two people in America happy to see O.J. Simpson back in the news:  Michael Vick and Larry Craig.

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