Sick again...

Feh.  I'm not feeling that bad, in the grand scheme of things, but I can't seem to shake this cough (or the rattly breathing that accompanies it on a nightly basis).  Having spent last fall fighting antibiotic-resistant bugs in my sinuses, I'm starting to feel I may be dealing with a similar infection this year--but thank god it's not hitting me as hard as last year's.

Fall is preparing to turn to winter in the most meaningful but least climatological sense: I'm beginning the last week of my fall coaching commitment, the Rapidan outdoor program, where I help students learn and appreciate rock climbing, hiking, nature study and kayaking.  Starting the week of Nov. 12th, I turn into the director of our winter Black Box play, which means auditions and getting scripts ordered and typing and scanning and set design and such, but at least being a bit out of breath shouldn't slow me down.

But I think I may call my doctor for a follow-up.  I think these little buggers--the bacteria, not my students--might need a little pharmacological abuse before they agree to leave me alone.


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