*I think this may be my first LBJ post since I switched over to Movable Type.  I suppose I should open a bottle of champagne or something...

*I may not have written a best-seller, but at least I have now contributed to one:  The Daring Book for Girls, co-authored by Andrea Buchanan (Hi, Andi!) and Miriam Peskowitz, and currently #9 at  (It's been as high as #6 in the last week.)  I know Andi from (we were actually on a panel about the site at the Va. Festival of the Book a few years back) and when she asked me for a quick list of tips for beginning birdwatchers, I obliged with the list now appearing on page 176.  It's not going to make me rich, but I'm tickled to know that my name (and book title) will be seen by girls and their parents for years to come, even if they never bother to take up birding or investigate TV2B themselves.

*Bree Sharp's "David Duchovny" has got to be one of the catchiest damned tunes released in the last ten years.  And while lyrically it's a bit of an in-joke, if you've ever watched an episode of The X-Files, it's a scream.

*We got through the weekend of our annual Giant Bonfire/Game Against Our Archrival with minimal fuss and bother, and with only one alum whose obnoxious public drunkenness made me embarrassed for my employer.  Take your victories where you can, I say... especially since we lost the game, dammit...

*I've now watched the first two episodes of Heroes, and I must say I'm intrigued.  I'm not sure yet about the quality of the writing, which takes occasional turns into the mawkish, and several of the actors appear to have been hired because of their cheekbones rather than their thespian skills, but I'm at the very least curious to find out what the heck's going on with Niki and the mirror, as well as the rather macabre business of opening up people's skulls.

*My wife gives really, really good neck rubs.  Thank god.  My neck decided about two hours ago to start kicking up a fuss, which seems unfair on top of my recent battle with bronchitis.

*We begin auditions for this winter's black box play on Tuesday.  I'm leaning toward doing Paul Rudnick's I Hate Hamlet, which seems to me an appropriate follow-up to the fall's mainstage production of Hamlet.  In a way, I think it's kind of funny.  In another way, hey, the student body will now at least know something about the play being mocked.

*Did I tell you I got my Yankee Flipper feeder replaced?  I got my Yankee Flipper feeder replaced.  It's up, it's drawing birds, and I'm sure it'll be flinging squirrels at the first opportunity.  So far I've seen it attract the local House Sparrows in great numbers, as well as the odd junco, chickadee, titmouse, and cardinal.  We're also getting the winter crowd of White-throated Sparrows feeding underneath it, and today I saw sitting upon it the first winter-plumage male Goldfinch I've seen so far.  The difficulty is that the construction site next door is continuing to scare away damn near everything but the tamest species, and the construction's going to continue going on for months.  I have some hope that by this spring, the Rose-breasted Grosbeak that hits the feeder around the first of April will be back, but if that damned cement truck is still backing up six months from now, he'll probably find someplace else to grab breakfast.

*Orange has a new restaurant!  San Marco, on Rte. 15 south of town, near the Enterprise Car Rental office.  Stop there and eat, please--our local cuisine needs the variety.   The red mole sauce is very nice, as are the fish tacos.  Enjoy.

*Fantasy football update: it appears that my teams will both make the playoffs of their respective leagues.  The Scrub Jays are all but assured of victory at this point in Week 10, which would make them 7-3, holding sole possession of third place in the league, one game out of first.  The Fighting Coelacanths, meanwhile, are clinging to a narrow lead in their Week 10 game against the league's most powerful team, the mighty Peace Corps Psychopomps.  Coming out of that game 7-3 would be enormously satisfying, even knowing that we beat them without their main offensive weapons, Tom Brady and Randy Moss, who are on their bye week just now.  If so, the Fish will be tied for the lead in their division, which will be all the more impressive given that they've done all this without their top three draft picks.  (I'm also more than a little concerned about the health of my stud running back, Minnesota's Adrian Peterson, who hurt his knee in today's game.  Updates as warranted...)

*Exams start Friday.  If I can just last a few more days, I can collapse into a heap without catching anyone under me when I fall...

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