A Long Winter's Nap

Not as long as I'd like, alas, but I'll be settling in for one at the earliest opportunity.  We're back from our whirlwind trip to our parents' Xmas celebrations, with brief stops in Fayetteville, Raleigh, and Pittsboro, and the kids are gamely killing duckies and bunnies.  (This is our euphemism for shooting/ lasering/ bombing/ breathing atomic fire on/ hosing down with chocolate/ disembowelling with rusty meathooks the various zombies/ enemy soldiers/ aliens/ monsters/ evil minions of the Big Boss/ rude drivers they encounter during their video-game playing.  It started from a primitive Atari game that my old housemate Mike Beard had, a game in which you fired a small black video pip at a polygonal object that approximated a duck and/or bunny and earned points for hitting it squarely.)

The tree is lit and we're full of spaghetti, having overdosed on Xmas food at Saturday night's Dalton gathering, Sunday afternoon's Cashwell gathering, and today's buffet Chinese lunch.  Okay, maybe the Chinese buffet isn't traditional Christmas fare for everyone, but when you've eaten as much cheese and chocolate as I have in the last three days, the prospect of orange chicken, garlic-sauteed green beans, and hot and sour soup sounds like the perfect antidote.  And when that's done, it's time for pasta with a vodka sauce.

But we're settled in, having driven home with a spectacular yellow moon in front of us for the last hour, a full circle shrouded in clouds like Salome in her seven veils.  Perhaps that's not the part of the Bible I'm intended to be thinking of on this night, but I'm not one to criticize God for his astronomical beauties or the associations they may call up in human minds.  And now I'm ready to stretch out with my Neal Stephenson book and a Terry's Chocolate Orange--thanks, Aunt Susan!--and await the arrival of Saint Nick and/or the Grinch.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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