Everybody's Doin' the Meme...

Kel reports a new meme going around:  go to Wikipedia.org and hit the "random article" button.

The first result is the name of your band.  Hit the "random article" button again.

The second result is the name of your band's first album.  Hit the button again, fifteen more times.

The next fifteen results are the name of your first album's fifteen songs.

(I also did a Google search for "random image" to produce some album cover art, seen below.)

So, without further ado:

drunkards walk.png


BAND: Mackenzie River

ALBUM: Haplochromis Perrieri

1. JC Chasez

2. Old 8 X 10

3. Thawi Watthana

4. 56th Street

5. Alabama State Route 27

6. Kate Hooper

7. The Crown

8. Monroe County Sheriff's Department

9. Sense Strand

10. Amaravathi

11. Tournament of Hearts

12. Bobby Bare

13. Cubic Honeycomb

14. Iranian Qiran

15. Mint Blancmange


It's got a good beat, and you can dance to it.

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