The Moving Finger Writes

...and having writ, moves on to another key, unless of course the other key is supposed to be struck by a different finger.  Omar Khayyam was not, I can only assume, a touch-typist.

This week, following the rush of grading and commenting and planning for the winter trimester, I was actually able to do a little work in the realm of writing: I put together a query letter, wrote a synopsis for the new manuscript (Student Exchange, if you're trying to keep track at home), attached the first three chapters, and sent it off to an agent.  Whether this will produce publication I have no idea, but it's a new thing for me: I've never worked with an agent before, and I've really only had serious discussions with one, but I figure there has to be some advantage in having someone with a vested interest in getting you published working to get you published. 

I have neither the time nor the mindset necessary to seek out the dozens of publishers who might find my work suitable, and because of those other time pressures and my own discomfort selling myself, finding a publisher for my work has always been an extremely slow process.  This, for example, is why it took me nearly seven years to write and find a publisher for The Verb 'To Bird', and it may explain the backlog of manuscripts I'm currently sitting on.

  • Student Exchange is complete, and if I get the go-ahead, I'm ready to jump on the next book in the series (tentatively titled Bizarre Love Triangle.)
  • The Amazing Q is complete, and after nearly fifteen years of work, it's sitting on an editor's desk.
  • A Raven for Doves (O/T Moving Day) is in need of another draft, but it is complete.  An agent might well help find a publisher and/or editor willing to help me put it into publishable form.

And the above doesn't include the partially completed works.  I've got significant pieces of a nonfiction book (Birdlands, a/k/a Fifty-Fifty), another novel (Mother Wit, the one Kelly and I are collaborating on), a comic-book series, a play, a musical, and a screenplay lying around.

Basically, I seem to be doing pretty well as far as the generation of content goes; it's the whole marketing and sales thing where I seem to be falling down on the job.  Time to outsource!

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