Ten Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't

New meme floating around; I bring it to you courtesy of John Scalzi at his blog, Whatever: Ten Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't.

1 I teamed up with Bryon "Elmo" Settle to open for Black Francis at the Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill.

2 I have had fan letters published in both Dave Sim's Cerebus and William Messner-Loebs' Journey.

3 I have every Doonesbury collection ever published.

4 I ate a very tasty meal of ostrich at La Pergola, the finest restaurant in Orvieto, and capped it with a hazelnut gelato that left a stain on my windbreaker.

5 I have seen, in the same venue (UNC's Memorial Hall), these performers: the North Carolina Symphony, R.E.M., Missing Persons, Garrett Morris, the Pressure Boys, the English Beat, and Peter Schickele.

6 I have heard a bobwhite quail in Johnson County, Iowa.

7 I have drunk homemade plum wine in a cabin on the shores of Lac Perchaude, Quebec.

8 My main Dungeons and Dragons characters, a 21st-level paladin, has gone through not one, not two, but THREE separate Holy Avenger longswords during his career.  One shattered in combat, one was stolen by a red dragon and lost for good, and one wound up being thrown into the River Styx during a melee.

9 I have been quoted by both Stephen Bissette in The Comics Journal and a nameless reviewer in Entertainment Weekly.

10 I put rabbit ears (constructed from tube socks and coat hangers) on my head in order to hop around the field at a CHHS football game back in the fall of 1980. David "Delroy" Nelson was the instigator of this bit of performance art, which featured a number of our classmates, many of them David's fellow cross-country runners. When a correspondent from WCHL radio came by to ask after us, David wrangled an interview and told her we were members of the Chapel Hill High School Family Planning Club.

"What do you do in real life?" she asked.

"We run cross-country," David replied.

"So this is to get publicity for the team?"

"Well, that and family planning," David insisted.  "We feel that the two go hand in hand."

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