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If you're the sort of person who reads EVERYTHING in a book, including the information on the typeface, then you've doubtless noticed it.  If you're not that sort of person, but are the sort who feels compelled to read everything when the author is a friend or relative, you may have noticed it.  And if you're the sort of person who takes a book on a long trip and happened to have The Verb 'To Bird' with you when you got stacked up over O'Hare that time, you may have been driven by sheer boredom to notice it.  It's in the acknowledgments section:

For the greatest online support system a writer could ever want, I offer big digital thank-yous to the citizens of (with a nod to Kristjan Wager, who pointed me there in the first place) and its multi-talented proprietor, Karen Templer, who has offered encouragement, assistance, and generosity aplenty. I do not exaggerate in the slightest when I say that without them, you wouldn't be holding this book.

That was my paltry attempt at a thank-you to Karen and the Rville community, where I've been a proud citizen since August of 2000.  I was also a regular contributor to the magazine that Karen launched in 2002, The Readerville Journal, writing the literary humor column "Loose Canons" with Paul Clark.  The magazine, alas, came out when a number of similar publications about books were appearing on the nation's newsstands, and after six issues it went on what seemed to be a permanent hiatus.

Since then, has been primarily a forum for book discussion, and Paul and I have remained fixtures there, still making lowbrow jokes at the expense of writers too famous or dead to know they're being mocked.  Karen, however, has been busy.  She published her own Design Idea Book, (which you should check out if you enjoy's design at all, since Karen was one of its designers.)  She's made time in her schedule for meetings with Readervilleans all over the country (including yrs. truly and the missus).  And best of all, she's relaunched The Readerville Journal online!

Though the Readerville Forum remains in place as a social gathering for bookish types (and the people that enjoy them), The Readerville Journal is now providing original content right here.  In this week alone, it's offered David Masello's thoughts about wandering the same streets where E.B. White lived, bookstore buyer Peggy Hailey's list of her favorite "bad girl" titles (including Cheap Thrills and Sin-A-Rama), and the inimitable D.G. Strong opining on the dust jacket of Maritta M. Wolff's Whistle Stop.  Add to that Douglas Cruickshank's articles on everything from the book as objet d'art and the remarkable men-with-hyenas photographs of Pieter Hugo and you've got a mix that's well worth examining for yourself.

So go ahead, click on over there and enjoy Karen's hospitality. Find something fun to read. Come back here when you're done. Maybe I'll have written something interesting by then.

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