Upcoming Reunions

I've spent most of my life attending the Matthis family reunion near Taylor's Bridge, NC, held every Father's Day at the home of my cousins, Ellen and her brother Gladston.  I can't even begin to catalogue the sights and sounds from that reunion that are permanently etched into my memory, from the world's largest magnolia tree out front (on several occasions the home of orchard oriole nests) to the dazzling hummingbirds visiting Ellen's myriad flowers to the sugary tartness of Gladston's lemonade.  But after Ellen's death at age 92 this past July, it's going to be hard to return to Sampson County this year.  In recent years her arthritis kept her from doing all of the work she used to do to run the reunion, but though I feel pretty sure those family members who've been pitching in to help will keep up their efforts, it's not going to be quite the same.

Luckily, I can point to two other reunions that won't be the same--but may be more enjoyable for that fact.

In May, a twenty-year gap in Chapel Hill's music scene will once again be filled: The Pressure Boys will retake the stage at the Cat's Cradle.  Yes, the six-man band I followed from their days as high-school students (mainly because I was in high school with them) until their 1988 breakup has decided it's time to dig out the trench coats and Air Jordans and get back to pumping out ridiculously infectious dance music.  Better still, it's a benefit gig.  Frontman John "Zippy" Plymale has been working hard to raise money for cystic fibrosis research, organizing and producing the wonderful Songs for Sixty Five Roses benefit CD, and for that cause he was able to persuade the far-flung members of the P-Boys to reunite for a show (possibly two!) at the Cradle.  Since this is requiring drummer Rob Ladd to come back from California, and sax-player-turned-lawyer Greg Stafford is having to dry clean a truly venerable houndstooth hat, it's a commitment we should honor.  Click on the P-Boys link above to go buy your own tickets.  Kelly and I will be there, decked out in gear from our twenties, ready to embarrass our children horribly.

But that's not all!  On June 6th, the ArtsCenter in Carrboro (only a few doors down from the Cradle) hosts the 25th anniversary celebration of the Transactors Improv Co. Still the ne plus ultra of improvised theater, the Transactors were a favorite performing group when Kelly and I were young marrieds in Chapel Hill, and when my old CHHS buddies Allison Heartinger '81 and Dan Sipp '79 joined the troupe, we almost because groupies.  Eventually, and probably only to get some use out of me since I was there anyway, I was asked to join up as a backup pianist/guitarist, improvising backup music for scenes, helping the actors create original musical comedies about embarrassing personal problems, and spontaneously composing the irritatingly cheerful "Dan's Theme," which I fully plan to play again in June at the first opportunity I have to make Dan wince.  Yes, a whole slew of former members are apparently heading to the Hill to help celebrate, and I'm looking forward to seeing them, even the ones I've never met.  I imagine we'll gather backstage and find a particularly enjoyable irony in the fact that we'll all have come great distances and taken great pains to celebrate twenty-five years of creating art that is by its very nature ephemeral.

You don't have to be a comedian to laugh at that.

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