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Thanks to my mother's alertness, I can pass this along to you non-North-Carolina-based readers:  the story on this weekend's Pressure Boys reunion from today's Raleigh News and Observer.

Here's a link to the story, written by David Menconi, and featuring both several hilarious stories (including a classic Greg Stafford tale) and a couple of quotations from his interview with me:

And here's a link to the N&O's audio slide show, featuring the P-Boys' "Waiting in Queensland," photos from recent rehearsals at Bryon & Mike's Yellow Recording studio, and photos from the archives as well--and yes, you'll see former members Stacy, Steev, Neil and David in the latter:

Reports indicate that the shows will be attended by scads of my pals from the Chapel Hill Eighties scene, including two former girlfriends and two members of my wedding, plus an untold number of CHHS and UNC alumni.  I'm not sure if I'll leave the Cat's Cradle covered more in sweat or nostalgia.

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