"When the Kids Wake Up Christmas Morning..."

"...what will they find under the tree?"

Hey, we don't have to wait for Christmas.  In a matter of weeks--mere weeks, I tell you!--the heavens will shift, the clocks will spin backward, and we'll be transported back to the Eighties just in time for the first of two reunion shows by the inimitable Pressure Boys.

And if you haven't already bought your tickets for May 2nd and/or May 3rd, have this link to the band's official website, www.pressureboys.com

Once you're there, feel free to check out the brief biography (written by yrs. truly) and the photos of the band in the 1988 and 2008 vintages.  Yep, there they are:  Jay Dub, Stafford, Zippy, Elmo, Ro7b, and Burvis.  (I love the inclusion of Ally Plymale in the latter shot, btw, and since she's the one who kicked the whole thing into gear, I'm glad to see her getting into the publicity.)  In a while, you'll be able to order copies of The Incomplete Recordings (featuring liner notes by the Cat's Cradle's own Frank "Skeeter" Heath, with assistance from yrs. truly) as well, and whether you're going to the show(s), buying the CD, or both, you can rest secure in the knowledge that ALL proceeds go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for research into CF.

For archival purposes, btw, here's a shot circa 1983 featuring the late great Stacy Guess on trumpet (left) and Steev "Coma Boy" Adams on bass (second from right).

We'll be there Friday night at least--you couldn't keep us away--and I'm reasonably certain that at least two of my old girlfriends will be in attendance as well.  If I survive the weekend, I'll be sure to provide a full report on all our favorite tunes from Jump! Jump! Jump!, Rangledoon, and Krandlebanum Monumentus.

"This year, surprise them--with ROLLERCOASTERS!"

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