*Holy crap.  It's May the What?  I haven't posted since the When?

*In my defense, I spent one whole weekend getting a newspaper out, have taken two advisee outings to Culpeper, took Kelly out for Mother's Day, took a weekend in Chapel Hill, and have had something like eighteen dorm duty dates during the past two weeks.  Okay, okay, I've actually had only five duties since May 1st.  But ordinarily I get them once every six days, not once every four days, so I'm feeling a little more put-upon than usual.  Still, it's only natural:  I had to trade two duties away back in January in order to get free for our production of I Hate Hamlet.  Alas that I accepted two dates in May for those duties.  I'll rethink that tactic next year.

*What is there to say about this story other than the subject?  Remote Control Flying Penis

If you don't click on that link, you have no sense of curiosity at all.

*Speaking of penises, big props to the California Supreme Court for ruling that the state has no business dictating whether a pair of consenting adults ought to be allowed to marry if the spouses possess two or zero penises between them.  The biggest surprise to me has been how relatively quiet the uproar has been over that eminently sensible decision.  I feel sure it'll be brought out during the general election when it becomes apparent that McCain can't beat Obama without playing the homophobia card, but I keep hoping that said card won't trump the Democrats' chances this time.  Please, please, please.

*Bright colors are back. Not on the Paris and Milan runways--not as far as I know, anyway--but in the rural Virginia area.  Last Tuesday I spotted a handsome pair of Orchard Orioles in a spruce near the Walker Building--male and female.  On Saturday I logged the year's first Scarlet Tanager (male) down by the river, and today I saw the first TWO Indigo Buntings (both males) on a wire.  Chestnut, yellow-green, scarlet, and bright blue--it's like the Seventies!

*I recently finished Michael Lewis's Moneyball, a sharply observed, passionately obsessive, and often highly amusing account of the Oakland Athletics' surprisingly effective attempt to build a great baseball team with the majors' second-lowest budget.  You'll learn more about market imbalances than you'd probably expect from a baseball book, and you'll meet a variety of odd and fascinating baseball executives and players.  If you're a baseball fan, you'll definitely want to pick this one up.  If you're not a baseball fan, you'll still want to pick it up.  Honest.

*I'm irked to realize that I have another bloody month to wait before the final collection of Y: The Last Man comes out.  I am vexed and ratty!

*On the plus side, I've logged 94 bird species so far this year.  With luck, I'll be at 100 before I head down to the Outer Banks this summer.

*I'm looking at the Tar Heel underclassmen who've declared for the NBA draft, and I'm thinking... not this year, guys.  I have a feeling Ty Lawson's gone no matter what, but as an undersized PG without a reliable outside shot or outstanding defensive skills, he's not what I'd consider a first-round lock; if it becomes apparent that he's a second-rounder, which means he's not guaranteed to make the team, we might get him back, but I'm not betting that way.  Wayne Ellington needs to get stronger and develop reliable to-the-hoop moves; I think he'll return once he sees how many teams look at him as the Next Joseph Forte.  Danny Green probably has the most NBA-ready game of the three, but his sixth-man status and consequently modest stats make him a very unlikely first-round pick, IMHO.  I think he'll return, but a smart GM might spend a late-first-round pick on him and pluck him away.  The transfer of Alex Stepheson will hurt a bit, but no matter what, we'll still have Hansbrough, Thompson, Ginyard, a healthy Frasor, and a bunch of blue-chip freshmen to keep us happy.

*And finally, in the Long Overdue Good News Department, we're moving!  Yes, the school has found us larger quarters at last; at some yet-to-be-determined point this summer, we'll be moving into the new digs, which will give us more square footage, a fenced-in yard for the hound, a washer and dryer on the ground floor, a walk-in pantry, a sun room, a carport, a gigantic finished basement and (drum roll, please) no fewer than THREE full bathrooms!  All it costs us is a bedroom, but I'll cheerfully put a bed in the basement and call it a good trade-off.

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