The Moving Writer Fingers

Actually, I haven't had much call to give anyone the finger lately, though one guy did come close to getting it after cutting in front of me without signaling on US 29 the other day.  But the moving and writing?  Yes, that I've been doing.  In fact, aside from driving Kelly to the DC suburbs for a fangirl gathering, my main activities over the past week or so have been moving and writing.

As you likely already know--I haven't been shy about mentioning it, at least--the moving part is something we've been waiting to do for, oh, five years now.  Our current house on campus is one where we've lived since August of 1999, making my nine-year residence here the longest in any one house in my entire life.  It's also too small for four people, with only one full bath (upstairs) and a toilet (downstairs.)  The laundry room (which has a ceiling so low I can't stand up in it) is in the basement, and you have to go outside the house to access it.  Oh, and there's been construction next to our house through roughly four and a half of those nine years.  We're thus eager to set up housekeeping elsewhere.

The "elsewhere" in this case is a house just across the highway from campus.  We're losing a bedroom, but we're gaining a big finished basement, two showers, a Florida room, a mud room, a laundry room just off the kitchen, a carport, and a biiiiiig fenced yard which will make the dog very happy indeed.

Unfortunately, we're losing the internet.

Not forever, mind you, but by leaving campus, we're leaving the wireless network we've gotten so used to over the last year.  Worse, we can't get access to the campus T-1 line there, and there doesn't appear to be broadband within reach, either.  We may be able to get a satellite hookeup, or we may have to resort to *choke* dial-up.  But there will likely be something of a fallow period in this journal during early July while we're figuring out our best option.

In the meantime, while the school is busy cleaning the carpets and clearing away some vines that have gotten intimately involved with the stairs to the Florida room, we're packing.  I've been doing books and CDs so far, and we've gotten fiction, biography, drama, birding, my Doonesbury and Pogo collections, and all the CDs boxed.  Today I'm going forward to get nonfiction and poetry.  Graphic novels will wait till closer to the actual move date, since the kids read them incessantly.  I've gotten a few winter clothes packed, too, but there are a metric ton of them yet to go.

Needless to say, one way to avoid packing is to get focused on writing, and I've done a little of that as well.  In the latest draft of The Amazing Q, I finally added a scene that had been bubbling for a long while.  I then sent the MS out to an editor, as well as letting my crack beta-testing crew (tip o'the hat to Ms. Umlaut and her young Diacritical Marks) take a look.

Meanwhile, last summer's big project, Student Exchange, is on a different editor's desk, and you'll be among the first to know if anything happens there.  And I've even broken out the behemoth that is A Raven for Doves and am working on ways to cut it down to a manageable size, with more good stuff and less unnecessary reader-cudgeling.  (I am not always subtle.)

And right now?  I'm listening to Chet Atkins, and he's telling me to get off my duff and pack.  But I've got this GREAT new John Varley book to finish reading..

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