New Digs

We are moved.

In the short term, this means little, other than that I'm utterly exhausted.  I started moving boxes to the new house last week; as it lies only about 1.3 miles from the old house, hauling a load of stuff wasn't a huge difficulty, but with nine years of crap to organize, box, load into the car, drive to the new house, and unload, the number of loads was a bit of an issue.  On Friday, my friend and new colleague John came by with his brother's pickup truck and helped me load some of the smaller furniture--bookshelves, chairs, a single bed--and haul it over.  Later that afternoon, I picked up a flatbed truck with a hydraulic lift gate (the single best idea in the history of moving technology) and with the help of several of Ian's burly teenage friends, we began loading larger stuff, including our bed, the piano, etc.  The burly friends spent the night in the Teen Dungeon (i.e. the basement) and we hauled over the remainder of the furniture and a lot of the smaller stuff on Saturday.

On Sunday we began the final pack-up of stuff and began the process of cleaning, but with the abovementioned nine years' worth of entropy to counter, cleanup began to grow into a larger and larger process.  We got up on Monday hoping to finish it off, but by the end of the night, we'd successfully managed only the upstairs and a bit of sweeping downstairs.  Kelly went in early on Tuesday to attack the basement, then sent me to buy the last load of cleaning supplies.

(Note: when your vacuum cleaner isn't working all that well, it's worth checking to see whether the bag is in fact half again as large as it's supposed to be.because of all the dust inside.  Replacing it with a new bag WILL make a significant difference in terms of suction.)

Kelly went in to work at noon, leaving yrs. truly alone with the downstairs bathroom (as yet untouched), the pantry (ditto), the kitchen (ewwwww), and the dining room, plus all the floors downstairs.  By the time Ian came wandering down the hill from work (he's working on the school's grounds crew this summer), I had cleaned the downstairs toilet and bathroom sink, vacuumed the studies, the den, and the living room, and was working on the kitchen countertop.  (Kelly, god love her, had done the fridge and oven already).  I put Ian on mop duty, vacuumed the dining room, cleaned the kitchen sink, scrubbed down a few problem spots, and walked out of the house at 4:00.  Exhausted, as I think I mentioned.

Long term: we have more bathrooms, we have a fenced-in yard (which so far has NOT successfully contained the dog... we're still working out how he's managed to escape), we have more floor space, and we have thrown away at least a dumpster full of crap.

But we don't have internet access.

By moving off campus, we've lost access to the school's T1 line, which kinda sucks.  We're hoping we can get broadband, but at the moment no broadband company reaches the new house.  Satellite is an option, but it will create a delay, one that Ian will probably not enjoy experiencing when he's playing World of Warcraft.  Dial-up is certainly a possibility, but a deeply slow and annoying one. 

In other words, I may not be able to write here regularly for a few weeks. At the moment, I'm writing from our local coffee shop, using their Dell, and hoping that I can muddle through the next little while without constantly logging on to check the election polls or follow the NBA free agent market.  If nothing else, I'll have few excuses for not concentrating on my writing.

Except of course, for that huge pile of boxes in the dining room that I've got to unpack.  But that's another story...

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