Notes on the Move

*Final score:

*One dumpster entirely filled before moving.

*A dozen trips to the new Goodwill store in Orange to get rid of clothing, books, furniture, and bric-a-brac.

*One old chest of drawers sold to the local used furniture store for $25.  We win!


*One nice thing about moving is that you inevitably have some things you haven't noticed in a while brought before you again.  In my case, it's been several books, such as Tom Carson's Gilligan's Wake (which I've been meaning to read for ages), Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier (an enjoyable account of the later careers of Mina Harker and Allan Quatermain, though the prose sections are a bit dense for my tastes), and Connie Willis's sublimely hilarious Victorian time-travel romp To Say Nothing of the Dog, which I re-read with great glee.

*To say something of the dog--ours, that is--Harlan managed to make us crazy in the days following the move by demonstrating an intelligence he'd never shown the slightest sign of in his earlier days: somehow he managed to get out of the back yard, which has a five-foot-high chain-link fence around it.  This baffled us, and we dutifully inspected the perimeter for unnoticed gaps, checked the gates to ensure they couldn't be forced somehow, and generally stressed ourselves out trying to figure how a hound we lovingly describe as "lunkheaded" could suddenly turn into the greatest escape artist since Yorick Brown.  Turns out we were giving him a bit more intellectual credit and not enough athletic credit: I finally saw him run up to the corner of the fence, get a forepaw on either top rail, put a paw in the chainlink, and push himself over the top.

Luckily, we were able to come up with a way to keep him out of the two open corners of the yard: a pair of tall (six-foot-plus) iron hooks with a thistle-seed feeder sock dangling from each.  They're placed roughly four inches inside the corner posts, so he can't get behind them, and we're frantically knocking wood and praying that he can't go over the sides without the corner for extra leverage.  (You'll note that when Jackie Chan has to scale a wall, he always runs into the corner, too.)  He's still not being released into the yard without direct supervision, but at least now we don't have to keep him on his leash.

*The house remains, alas, internet-free, and probably will for the immediate future.  Our school IT guy is hoping that the cell tower just down the road from us will soon get a broadband fixture on top, and if that happens, we may be able to work a link to it.  Unfortunately, our choices right now seem to be paying through the nose for a satellite hookup with a substantial lag time, or going with (shiver) dial-up.  I think we'll continue to be patient and keep posting from campus.

*Now that most of the immediate unpacking has been done--the kitchen, bedrooms, and dining room are in useable shape, at least--I've had time to concentrate on something else: getting back to the gym.  I've done it three days in a row, and I can feel it when I go up and down the stairs.  I've also decided that I'm trying something different this time; I'm setting a tangible goal and a reward.  If I reach my goal weight, I get to buy a seersucker suit.  Hey, we have graduation outdoors on Memorial Day weekend, and the tree which used to shade the faculty has been cut down; clearly it's time to get an suit that's a little cooler than my current black/charcoal/olive options.  I may spring for the accompanying Panama (a true straw one, natch), but I'm not sure I can handle white bucks.

*One issue I never expected to have: I can't decide what to do about the music in this house.  In previous moves (1986, 1987, 1991, 1995, and 1999) the overriding principle has always been the same: take down the stereo last, set up the stereo first.  In the last nine years, however, our music technology has taken a major shift.  I'm now storing the vast majority of my music on my computer, which means the stereo is no longer the main means of listenig to tunes, which means it no longer needs to be set up first... and in fact, there's some reason to believe that (gulp) it may no longer need to be set up at all.  My Harman-Karden receiver/amp has done yeoman's work since early 1986, but its left channel needs repair, and the turntable desperately needs a new stylus as well.  We've all but abandoned our cassettes and LPs anyway, though we keep some stuff that's simply not replaceable (or that hasn't yet been translated to other media)  I never thought, though, that CDs might be replaced as the central medium of my music collection.  And yet, there most of them sit, still in their boxes, except for the ones we've been listening to in the car.... yes, I feel a great disturbance in the Force...

*We apparently have a juvenile Cooper's Hawk hanging out in the trees beyond the field behind our yard.  So far he seems to be making do with the neighbors' feeders, where Cardinals, Indigo Buntings, Goldfinches, and Mourning Doves have been the main species I've spotted, but I'm hoping he doesn't come after Renfield (the name my wife gave to the Eastern Phoebe nesting in our carport once she learned that their diet is largely insects.)  Oh, and there's a Carolina Wren nesting in a box in the yard, too--four eggs spotted so far.

*Tomorrow's plan: take Thing One to Culpeper for his driving test, emerge with his Learner's Permit in hand, dine at Chick-Fil-A (yum!) and go see The Dark Knight, which I'm seeing not entirely because I want to see the trailer for Watchmen, but yeah, I must admit it's part of my motivation.  Hey, I've been waiting for this movie for 22 years!  Give me a break!

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