I think this may be the longest blank spot between posts ever recorded in this journal.  Six and a half years, and I think I've managed to post at least once a fortnight.  What caused this incredible outage?

Well, I won't deny that the opening of school was a big part of the issue, not to mention Thing Two's massive birthday party and ensuing packing up to go to school at Woodberry.  Yes, he's a New Boy now, and our lives haven't quite settled into a recognizable pattern with him gone, but at least we see him occasionally.  (We're trying not to hover, especially since new boys aren't supposed to come home with their folks until Parents' Weekend in October.)

And I've had a significant change in my duties, which has kept me busy: I'm no longer assisting the Rapidan program with hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing, but have instead been assigned to help coach the Junior Orange soccer team, a group of 16 freshmen and sophomores, four or five of whom are injured on any given day.  We had our first game today--a 5-1 loss to Blue Ridge School--but showed some promise against a superior (and bigger and older) team.

But I suppose the big reason is the simplest: lousy internet connections.  We got through July and August with no net access at home, period, by heading into town to use the coffee shop's wi-fi, or by heading to campus to use the T-1 line there.  We got a dial-up connection at the house just as school started, but of course that happened right when I suddenly became too busy to post, and with a 28.8 kps connection rate, I wasn't getting much of anything posted... at least not very quickly.

Today, however, we have cause to celebrate: the school has given us.... BROADBAND!

Yes, we have 54 megs per second, and we're not afraid to use it!  MWOO HOO HA HA HA HA HA!

So: expect some posting again.  When I have news.  And probably when I don't.

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