I think a lot of people would view the election as a baseball game, with Obama ahead and pitching well to protect his lead, while McCain is desperately swinging at the fences, knowing he's got to hit a homer to win--and swinging so hard that he can't actually put any men on base first.

But I'm not really a baseball geek.  I'm a different kettle of geek altogether, as you may have realized by now, so I think there's a better metaphor for this election.  To wit:

You may have seen this picture of Barack Obama:


You may also have heard his crack about being sent here by his father Jor-El to save the earth, but that's not the funny bit.  The funny bit is that the right wing of the country, despite all their sarcastic cracks about "Messiah" this and "Chosen One" that, are apparently convinced that he really IS Superman.  It's the only thing that explains their strategy.

Instead of challenging Obama directly, trying to stop him from doing what he's doing, one thing at a time, the right-wing smear machine is spending its time and energy desperately searching for some magical anti-Obama substance that will destroy him altogether.  Sometimes the substance is associated with Obama (Wright, Ayers, Khalidi), or sometimes with a semantic issue ("really proud of America," "spread the wealth," etc.), but it's never an attempt to stop what he's doing--it's just an attempt to say "A man who would associate with/say _____ is unfit for the White House!"  They don't want to BEAT Obama--they don't know how.  They just want to find his kryptonite.

And so far, I've got to say the continuing attempts to find Obama's kryptonite are getting pretty comical. They're SURE that if they can just find that one weakness, the one thing that will show everyone he's not the hero we imagine, he'll turn green and drop down dead in front of everybody.

Problem is, Obama is not the hero THEY imagine.  He's not Superman at all.

Obama is Batman.

Think about it.  He lost a parent early in life... he dedicated himself to serving the community and spent years in training... he relies on detective skills, superior planning, and quick thinking to gain advantage over his foes... and his appearance strikes terror into the hearts of criminals (a superstitious, cowardly lot.)

Oh, and let's not overlook the prominent ears.

Also, I'm pretty sure one classic Batman line applies pretty directly to his relationship with the RWSM:

Batman Obama.jpg

He's their worst nightmare.

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