Fantasy Update

I know, nobody cares.

But dammit, if a man can't complain in his blog, where CAN he complain?

After swearing I'd cut back to two fantasy football leagues this fall, I got suckered into joining a third at my workplace, which has served to further distract me, and that distraction is apparent in my performance.  Here's how things shake out:

The Fantasy League of Gentlemen/Gentlewomen - My first league, formed with a bunch of my old CHHS buddies back in 2001, is really almost as much of a role-playing game or piece of performance art than a fantasy league, but it's a continuing source of entertainment.  This year I've been serving as interim commissioner as well as owner, which has required me to spend a bit more time dealing with the nuts and bolts of the thing than with my usual flights of fancy, but I've still managed to do at least a couple of smart things with my team, the Fighting Coelacanths.  Smart Things no.s 1 and 2 came in the first rounds of the draft, when I picked up Clinton Portis (drafting 9th) and Tony Romo.  Unfortunately, my next smart thing didn't happen until round 8, when I picked up Jay Cutler, and that was after doing several not-so-smart things, the worst of which was tapping Torry Holt in round 3.  With a few judicious moves on the waiver wire (acquiring Kevin Walter and the Titans defense), I've at least kept my squad mediocre, and Cutler's performance enabled me to package Romo in a deal for an elite tight end (Jason Witten).  Thus, the Canths are in the playoffs, but they're 5-7, and they'll face a ten-win team team in the first round.  I've never yet won a FLOGG title, and this year it looks as though I'll continue that streak.

Number Crushers
- Each team has twenty-five players, including individual defenders, and must start twenty of them: 2 QB, 3 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 RB/WR flex, 1 TE/WR flex, 2 PK, 2 DL, 2 DB, and two flex defenders.  Scores are typically in the 300s, since EVERY statistic counts--yards gained, passes caught, tackles made, fumbles lost, passes tipped, punts returned, etc.  In most years I've wisely picked up an elite QB in the early rounds, but this year I picked 9th, and the best ones were already gone, so I chose to go with an elite WR instead: Randy Moss.  For the fourteen seconds before Tom Brady destroyed his knee, Moss looked like a good pick, but after that, he was just another receiver.  Worse, my 2nd and 3rd-round picks, Joseph Addai and Steven Jackson, have been huge disappointments all season, and other draft picks including Steve Smith and Matt Schaub have missed significant chunks of time due to injury and/or suspension.  Only 4th-round pick Brett Favre has done anything close to what I'd hoped, which is one reason why the Scrub Jays squad is currently 3-9 and languishing in 9th place, having been eliminated from the playoffs last week.  This is especially disappointing given that I've been VERY successful in the NC league recently, winning the title in 2005 and losing the title game in 2006 and 2007.  On the plus side, I get a good draft position for 2009--and you'd better believe I'm grabbing a good QB first thing.

Woodberry Forest - A simple, traditional league thrown together at my workplace because several of my co-workers (including at least one of our football coaches) admitted they'd never played fantasy before.  With only eight teams, we've all got great personnel--well, most of us do--and the games have generally been close, which is why my Green Hornets are 6-6.  They're in fourth place, shooting for the final playoff spot, and with games against the fifth-place team this week and the last-place team next week, it's a shot they can make.  Helped by stellar QB play from Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner, plus strong defense from the Titans and solid RB work from Adrian Peterson, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Steve Slaton, they've got a good chance of finishing the season well.  Here's hoping.

Next week: an update on the interesting things I've discovered in my Kleenex after sneezing.  Be here!

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