This afternoon I volunteered to drive some of our students to our tiny polling place, which is a Methodist church located near... um... not near a doggone thing, honestly.  There's another church--Baptist, I think--and some farmhouses within sight, but otherwise it's just central Virginia farmland.

But out front there was a table with three Obama volunteers, one of them an attorney. He said he was one of the 4000 attorneys who'd volunteered to man Virginia's 2500 polling places in case any voters had trouble getting their ballots cast.  That kind of feet-on-the-ground action is one of the big reasons this campaign has gone so well, and it gives me hope that the next four years can be operated with the same kind of planning and attention to detail.

The best part of the trip: the three students in my car were from New Jersey and California, meaning their votes here in the Virginia battleground will be far more meaningful than in their solid-blue home states.  And one of them was turning eighteen today, inaugurating his franchise in a big way.  I'm stupidly proud of my minor role in getting even one Obama voter to the polling place, but I suppose that's the point: I AM proud of it.  I'm proud of the poll workers, and those volunteers, and those attorneys, and every person in America who's getting up and going to the polls to help get this country back on the rails and moving forward.  I don't look forward to everything that's going to happen in the next few years, but I'm overjoyed to be supporting a candidate who not only believes that we CAN do something about our problems, but actually lays out the groundwork on getting it done.

For most of my life, government has been the problem; today, somewhere on a winding country road under a grey sky and blowing autumn leaves, I started to remember that government can be part of the solution.  If we want it to be.

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