What Now?

Do we scream, or breathe a huge sigh of relief?

Thing One has gotten into college.

It may not be the college he attends, mind you--he's got others he's applying to, and he's hasn't yet visited this one--but he's been accepted, and has even been offered a partial scholarship.

Most of me is extremely happy.  It's a load off of his mind, I'm sure, and I've discovered that the nagging fear of "No one wants me!" can be applied vicariously to one's offspring.  It's a good school, and we know a number of grads who speak very highly of it, and it's not so far away that we'll never see him.

But there are two things that worry me:

1) Someone still has to pay for this.
2) Dear god, I'm old enough to have a kid in college!

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