I've never been comfortable calling this thing a "blog."  I've called it an "online journal" since the start, partly because the word "blog" wasn't in common parlance when I started this site, lo those many years ago--2002, that is--and partly because I just don't think what I do here is blogging.  I try to produce a reasonable facsimile of a thoughtful essay (or at least some semi-amusing information) on a once-or-twice-a-week basis.  (And yes, I haven't been keeping up that schedule very well of late.  Mea culpa.)  A blog, at least from my point of view is a more-or-less constant fusillade of small bits of information, coming at least daily, but typically several times a day, and typically mixing in a lot of links to other places on the internet. What you're reading now comes a good deal less often than a blog, and it's usually all me, rather than links to other sites, and it's usually a bit more long-form, but it does, one hope, pack a reasonable punch when it hits.

Think of, then, as an artillery battery, softening up the internet so that the First Blogger Infantry Division can advance safely and take the position.

And who's in the infantry? Well, I'd have to say that when I'm wandering the web looking for blogs, there's a pretty decent chance I'll end up in one of these places:


The esteemed Mr. Tony Plutonium holds forth on comics, UNC sports, music, beer, photography, and other features of the good life at Half-Life and Times.

His better half, Jenny Slash, can be found discussing art, food, and life in the Triangle at So Anyway...

When he's not webcasting baseball games with yours truly, physics wiz and sports authority Greg Jacobs blogs as the Nachoman.

Anika, Caroline, Jennifer, and Sigrid ARE the Fantastic Fangirls, who will tell you all you need to know about comics, gender, and the interplay thereof.

Kaethe, whose fascinations include books, language, feminism, sundry scientific subjects, and the cutest pair of daughters on the planet, is the proud proprietor of "ae" and sometimes "รค".

There's no point in even trying to describe the fabulous DG Strong, so just go to Six DGs of Observation yourself.

And if you can't handle DG's life, let him advise you on how to live yours:  The Psychopedia.

The only man I know in Copenhagen, Kristjan Wager, fighting the good fight for science and science education at Pro-Science.

And finally, a person I know, but have only met once: comics creator and theorist Scott McCloud, who (in his own words) "can't stop THINKING!"


Ian Williams, who wrote some great stuff for the Daily Tar Heel back in the day, continues to write fascinating stuff at xtcian.

SF writer and movie critic John Scalzi reaches exciting new levels of snark and hilarity on a regular basis at Whatever.

The Atlantic Magazine's Ta-Nehisi Coates writes about race, pro football, politics, and sheer out-and-out SF/fantasy/RPG geekery with a refreshing sincerity and a wicked sense of humor.

And finally, there's Phil Nugent, whose style of blogging (on politics, movies, and music, typically) is probably closer to my own long-form journal entries than most of the rest of these folks, so The Phil Nugent Experience gets to serve as my anchor man in this race.

Get out there and click on stuff!

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