My Inauguration Proposal

Okay, maybe it's a little immature of me, but you have to admit, it would be classic.

The wintry streets of DC are hushed and silent...

All traffic has been halted...

All of Washington, all of America, waits expectantly...

And then, off down Pennsylvania Avenue, there is a small motion...

At first, it's hard to see, but it's clear from the sound that this is no limousine.  No, in fact, as the throngs lining the streets up Capitol Hill peer westward, they begin to hear it... the sound of... the sound of... hoofbeats?

And then, at a jaunty gallop, up rides President-Elect Barack Obama, wearing this:

It would be the greatest inauguration ever.

And if he were to dismount, saunter up to John Roberts, and say, "Excuse me while I whip this out," it would be the greatest single event in human history.

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