*If you're wondering where I've been over the past few weeks, you should know that my brain has been eaten by our production of Arsenic & Old Lace, which premiered last night to great reviews.  It's the biggest play I've directed at Woodberry, and its complications have been numerous, but I think it's come together well.  It has also left me more than a little drained, both physically (I haven't gone to work after 8:30 a.m. or come home before 10:30 p.m. this week) and mentally (I keep forgetting words for things, and the other things that the first things might be connected to, if only I could remember what the verb connecting them might be).  Luckily, after Saturday night's finale, there's only a cast party standing between me and a long-awaited chance to sleep in.  We've got a few friends coming in to see the show, as well as my parents, since Ian & Dixon are both in the cast.

*After eight years of cringing at every other news story out of Washington, to say nothing of a solid year of obsessing over polling data, jumping from blog to blog in search of campaign news, and arguing on the intertubes with other political obsessives, I'm suddenly realizing that I'm just not interested in politics right now.  The guy I wanted to win won, and for the moment, at least, I'm prepared to let him work.  I no longer have the energy to worry about what Judd Gregg's withdrawal from the Commerce Department might mean, or concern myself with Obama's BlackBerry policy.  I've got other stuff to think about.  And honestly, it's kind of liberating.

*Since it's getting toward March, I'll be hitting the road in search of America (or at least the birds that live in it) in must a couple of weeks.  I'm used to the inevitable conflicts this presents with my TV habits; Dad and I simply MUST stay in hotels that carry the UNC/Duke game and the ACC tournament.  This year, however, there's a new complication, sinc it looks like I'll be traveling on March 6th--the day Watchmen opens at theaters nationwide.  Kelly and I have been waiting for this day since we bought the first issue of the comics series back in the summer of '86, but I don't know whether either of us will be able to wait until we're back together.  I suspect we'll have to view the premiere on the same night, but in different places.  And hey, that's sort of unifying, isn't it?

*A lot of people were apparently very excited by the performance of (two-fifths of) Radiohead at the Grammy Awards, but I can't say I was that excited.  (I watched it on YouTube before it got taken down, if you're wondering.)  I mean, the USC Marching Band is a fine group to work with, but Fleetwood Mac did it in 1978, y'know?

*I don't know that I ever mentioned it, but I actually won one of my fantasy football leagues this year--the eight-team league formed at WFS with some of my colleagues.  I sneaked into the playoffs as the fourth seed and used my running-game power (Adrian Peterson and Steve Slaton, mainly) to take down the #1 and #2 seeds and take the title.  I also won the NFL Pool Picks in one of my other leagues.  All in all, I should feel like I know what I'm doing, right?  So how did I end up losing in the first playoff game in one league and not even making the playoffs in another?

*I recently finished reading an excellent collection, The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2008, which featured pieces by David Quammen, Jeffrey Toobin, and Oliver Sacks, among others.  Highly recommended.  I also picked up The Best American Essays 2008, which is edited by The New Yorker's Adam Gopnick, whose introduction is an essay about essays, one good enough to simultaneously make me want to write an essay right this minute and never want to write an essay again.  That's how I know a piece is good--when it inspires me and paralyzes me at the same time.  I felt that way when I first read Nabokov:  "Holy crap, I'm never going to write anything this good.  But my god, I want to!"

*Speaking of books: there's a new Dan Simmons out.  Drood is apparently a Dickens-centered historical novel with a supernatural twist, and given how well that worked for Simmons in The Terror, I must say I'm looking forward to having time to plow through this one.  Of course, since it's 750 pages long, that plow will remain in the barn for a few weeks yet.

*We're a long way from settled yet, but Ian has been accepted at the three colleges to which he's applied so far.  Where he ends up will depend on several things--financial aid being one of them--but at least so far we haven't had to deal with the pain of rejection.  And since one of the three acceptances was his first-choice school, he's feeling pretty chipper.

*I haven't seen a Carolina Wren yet this year--what's up with that?  I've heard a couple, but haven't laid eyes on one yet.  Isn't that illegal?

*Seniors Danny Green and Tyler Hansbrough have won four UNC-Duke games at Cameron Indoor Stadium.  Senior Greg Paulus has won zero.


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