Big Day

It's a big day chez Cashwell.  Not only is it snowing, which will keep Ian at home tomorrow, it's yrs. truly's 46th birthday.  Whatever else happens, I'm still younger than the President.

Add to that this significant event:  today we confirmed that Dixon is indeed taller than his mother.  She is not taking this well.  Admittedly, having Ian tell her "Think tall thoughts!" probably didn't help.

Today I also finished re-reading Watchmen in preparation for Friday's movie premiere, logged the first Carolina Wren of 2009 (I know--I'm as surprised as you are), and gave my beard a badly needed trim.  I also enjoyed the presents we snagged for me last night:  a new portable hard drive, the new Glen Campbell CD, a collection of James Bond themes, and a trio of books:  the first collection of Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely's All-Star Superman, M. John Harrison's Light, and Neil Shubin's Your Inner Fish.

And there has been mint chocolate chip.  Life is good.

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