Hey, It's Good to Be Back Home Again

I am not often moved to quote John Denver here (though I went through a long period from roughly age 10-12 where I was a very definite fan, having reached the age where the Jackson Five's star was beginning to wane).  That said, I'm completely in agreement with the sentiments expressed in the chorus of the title tune from Back Home Again.

Dad and I (with Dixon and my brother David) logged time in five states over the last ten days, seeing 72 different species of bird, including three lifers for me:

*White-winged Dove in Point Clear, Alabama
*Monk Parakeet in downtown New Orleans
*Roseate Spoonbill at Lake Martin, Lousiana

I've now spent the night in Wytheville (VA), Chattanooga, Point Clear, New Orleans, Vicksburg, Memphis, Knoxville, and Roanoke. I have eaten ridiculously well and am about to go on a serious weight-loss program. I have gotten to listen to the new Glen Campbell album several times and am firmly approving. Dix and I caught a midnight showing of Watchmen in New Orleans.  I summitted Round Bald (5826 feet) on the Tennessee-North Carolina border, having started in the parking lot at Carver's Gap (5510 feet). I'm about halfway through M. John Harrison's Light, and I may go read a bit more in my new HAMMOCK! in a few minutes. 

Oh, and we were able to watch UNC beat Duke on Senior Night after we'd eaten ribs in Memphis, so that definitely goes down as a good day.

But right now, let me just say that John knew what he was talking about.

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