Brontosaurus Head Update!

Whew.  The missing brontosaurus head has been located:

Investigators from the Durham Police Department stated they found the fixture in the woods near Preston Andrews Road sometime around noon today. According to Durham Police, it is believed to be a high school prank.

"Prank"?  Cutting off an innocent statue's head and dumping it in the woods is a "prank"?

I'll tell you about a prank.

On Monday, the Orange County (Va.) High School Class of 2009 executed Operation: Land Whale, in which the seniors transformed the small grassy area at the center of the school's traffic circle--a space that might be about 30 feet in diameter--into a beach.

After blue tarps were laid over the grass, a large quantity of sand was dumped on top of the tarps, thus rendering the area beachlike.  Artificial palm trees were set up on the sand, while coolers full of soft drinks, a small volleyball net, and a pickup bed full of water were placed on or near the "beach" to add to the effect.  To cap the effect, a grill was brought out for cooking hot dogs.

Nothing was damaged, nothing was taken, everyone had fun, and the school is now in possession of several useful tarps and a large quantity of sand for construction or other projects.

That, dear readers, is a prank.

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