OK, maybe it's more like the Junieth, but still, it's not July yet. And how have I spent the first month of the summer? 

Fairly productively. I worked with three of my colleagues to devise a community orientation program for the fall--one designed to promote civil behavior in our students, faculty, and administrators--and presented our proposal to the administration.

I've driven Ian & Dixon all over the frakkin' state.

I've read a whole kaboodle of Fabian Nicieza's Cable & Deadpool comics, which (at least for the first four collections) were surprisingly enjoyable.  Perhaps because both characters were created at the height of the Nineties' attempts to out-Miller Frank Miller, and because both were co-created by one of comics' most successful and least fundamentally sound artists, Rob "I Can't Draw Feet!" Liefeld (who also has trouble drawing... um... other things), I was afraid, very afraid, to read the book.  But our friend Carrie kept pushing it on us, and since she's an entirely wise and reasonable comics critic (aside from her inexplicable fondness for Dazzler), I gave it a shot. And thanks to Nicieza's ability to keep Deadpool's "The Fourth Wall Is Only a Guideline" schtick working, it's largely hilarious... for about 27 issues.  And then the Continuity Cops come along and try to cram the book into the ongoing cross-universe Civil War saga and the whole thing starts to sag, and then eventually collapse.  But worth it, if only for Deadpool's ongoing fascination with a) Bea Arthur, and b) Marvel Girl's classic green mini-dress costume.

Oh, and I've rewritten my novel.

A slight exaggeration at this point, I suppose.  There are some scenes that still have to be written in the first place, and some that have to be cut, and a few that still have to be altered to match the additions/subtractions, and then I have to put them all together. ("It's not just a matter of the number of words. Getting them in the right order is just as important." --John Cleese, "A Great Actor")

But the point is, the ones that had to be rewritten HAVE been rewritten, and I'm pretty sure I already know what needs to be written.  It's coming.  It really is.

"Any day now. Any day now now." --XTC, "It's Nearly Africa"

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