Oh, sure I could tell you about the arrival of summer (Indigo Buntings and Eastern Kingbirds are back! Also, I'm done with school.) or the rush of events leading up to Thing One's graduation this Saturday (I believe we're receiving all the grandparents, one uncle, one great-aunt, a small knot of cousins, and several family friends), but all of that pales before this morning's horrific news:

The brontosaurus at the Museum of Life and Science has been decapitated.

Yes, Durham NC's finest example of late-Sixties paleontological reconstruction has been assaulted by perpetrators unknown, its neck stripped bare and its head removed for god knows what purposes.

This is not mere vandalism, people.  This is an assault on childhood itself--namely that of every kid in central North Carolina born in the last 40 years.  I spent many an afternoon wandering the Dinosaur Trail of what was then referred to as the Children's Museum.  After I started dating Kelly, I took her to the museum for an outing.  When the facility expanded across the road to include new exhibits on NC wildlife, a miniature train, and even outdoor zoo exhibits containing bears and birds of prey, I still thought of it as "the place with the dinosaurs."  And after my own kids were born in the early 90s, I made sure they got to see the museum AND the various saurians standing in the 20th-century trees.

In a world where wars are being fought and people are being shot in church for political reasons, I recognize that this is a minor incident, a mere property crime.  But when that property means so much to you, and when it has done so for so long, it's hard not to feel the urge to scream, take up a cudgel, and venture out into the streets in search of vigilante justice.  In fact, I feel a good bit like Tim Kreider did when the two-headed turtle got stolen... (click on "Archives" and scroll to August 27, 2008.)

So vandals, I say unto you:  watch the skies.  Gamera is out there somewhere, and he's pissed.

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