What We've Been Up To

Though I try to update this thing every three or four days, longtime readers will recognize that I haven't been posting at anything close to that rate of late.  Apologies are of course due, but the press of real life has been nothing short of astonishing this spring, and now that we're officially into my summer break, I thought you'd enjoy a chance to see a little bit of what's been going on.  Yes, there are pictures.  Let's begin with a few nature photos, shall we?

May & June 2009 005.jpgHere are some of the local redbud trees going full tilt.  For some reason, Kelly objects to their name, claiming they're purple.

May & June 2009 015.jpgTHESE are purple.

May & June 2009 008.jpgRed-bellied Woodpecker posing helpfully for me.

May & June 2009 018.jpgThing Two (L) as Thurston Wheelis, along with castmate Dennis W. (R, behind mustache) as Arles Struvie in Woodberry's production of Greater Tuna.

May & June 2009 044.jpgMeanwhile, Thing One was busy with his Blue Ridge Virtual Governor's School project, which focused on the creation of Shenandoah National Park involved his doing community service and interning in the park.  Here, he was assisting a ranger with a bird of prey presentation, helping him get a Barred Owl (above) and Eastern Screech Owl from the raptor center to a public showing.  As you can tell, it was a bit foggy that morning.

May & June 2009 072.jpgOut in our carport, a pair of Eastern Phoebes (whom Kelly, hearing the birds were insect eaters, promptly dubbed the Renfields) set up homemaking atop the overhead light fixture, producing three nestlings who have all apparently fledged and started hanging around the yard.

May & June 2009 100.jpgAnd of course, the big event: on June 6th, Orange County High School sent the class of 2009 off into the world.

May & June 2009 104.jpgA big hug from Mom for the graduate.

May & June 2009 107.jpg...and a big hug from Thing Two as well.

So.  What's up with you?

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