In which much is accomplished, not necessarily by me

1) After much studying and practicing and stress and paperwork, Ian passed his driving test on Monday. Drive defensively.

2) This afternoon, I cleaned off my desk at work.  This may not sound impressive until you realize how many years it had been since I did it last.  (I won't provide details, but I will say I found at least a couple of documents from the fall of 2004.)

3) This weekend we went to the Fringe Festival in Washington to take in The Fall of the House of Usher, a new musical by my colleague Brent Cirves (book) and our former student Mike Johnson (music), who are interviewed about the play here.  A dark take on Poe's works, with intense performances and intriguing period music, it's well worth catching if you're in the nation's capital anytime soon.  Both the debut performances sold out, and one reviewer called it "a captivating musical--a must-see for any fans of dark musical theatre," which is pretty darned positive from where I sit.  You can also visit the official show website at to get more info on the remaining performances in DC (July 18th, 22nd, and 24th).  If you can't see it there, you can always catch it at the New York City Fringe Festival the week of August 14th.

4) And last but not least, I have finally finished the manuscript of A Raven for Doves, a book I've been working on for two decades.

Well, sort of. I had the idea nearly twenty years ago, but I thought it was a short story then, and spent a number of years trying to get it to act like one. When it didn't and I was forced to turn it into a novel, it took me several years to get it going, and several more to get it written, and even then, when I "finished" it (which I did in 2004, I believe) I could tell it wasn't really done yet, so I didn't even bother sending it out.  I left it to ferment, and this summer I finally sat down with it, cut a bunch of stuff, added some new stuff, rearranged it, tightened it up, and am now ready to call it DONE.

Any editors, publishers, or agents who are interested in throwing money at me can reach me at

The rest of you, alas, may have to wait a little while.

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