A Brief Chronology of PC

I am conceived in Beaufort, SC.

I am born in Raleigh, NC.

At our new house in Chapel Hill, NC, I am introduced to David Cashwell.

I read my first book (Johnny Crow's New Garden) and begin my apprenticeship in American cultural studies with a copy of the Kingston Trio's debut album, Leonard Bernstein's recording of "Peter and the Wolf," and a strict regimen of sugary cereals and Saturday morning cartoons.

First reading of a Spider-Man comic book. Late one night I discover that Quake cereal, despite its cool Jay Ward-animated commercials, does not taste very good when you're out of milk and put tap water in the bowl instead.

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin leave footprints on the moon. I leave footprints in Mrs. Francis' first-grade classroom, where she lets me write my own stories, rather than copying the ones at the front of the classroom. God bless her.

Erik Hoel introduces me to professional football. I select Joe Namath as my favorite player. In the summer, we move across town to Sugarberry Road.

I attend my first UNC basketball game. When the team goes to New York for the NIT, I go along. Bill Chamberlain rocks the Garden and leads the Heels to the title. I'm hooked.

Puberty hits: zits, body hair, nocturnal emissions, junior high, the works. I swipe David's guitar and begin teaching myself to play.

First kiss, following a viewing of either Monty Python and the Holy Grail or American Graffiti. During the summer, we move across town to Smith Avenue, where I grow five inches.

Playing on the eighth-grade basketball team temporarily delays my impending nerdhood, but after a summer spent reading Catch-22 and drooling over Star Wars, it comes back.

After a scheduling error puts me into a technical theater class, I build sets and run sound for my first play. I'm hooked.

A month or two before entering UNC, I sign on as an announcer at WXYC, where I will hold down a shift for the next decade.

I start playing Dungeons & Dragons and sign on as keyboardist for the John Santa Band. Dean Smith wins his first NCAA title.

I escape Chapel Hill and hole up at Manchester University for a year. Beer is consumed.

I return from Manchester, sign up for English 99 with Doris Betts and Daphne Athas, get my first serious girlfriend, and join Terminal Mouse.

I start dating English 99 classmate Kelly Dalton in May, propose marriage in August, and graduate in December with honors in creative writing.

Kelly and I marry on July 12 in Fayetteville and stop sweating a few weeks later near the Isle of Skye.

I enter graduate school and make my first professional sale, a piece of snarky criticism in The Comics Journal.

I get my M.A.T. from Carolina and read my first Neil Gaiman comic.

In January, as the first bombs fall in Iraq, we find out we're pregnant, and in August we move to Fayetteville, NC. Ian Cashwell's head is born on September 27th, the rest of him on September 28th.

Mary Stevens takes me on my first bird count. I'm hooked.

Dean Smith wins his second NCAA title, and Dixon Cashwell is born on August 31st.

I join the faculty at Woodberry Forest School.

I direct the Woodberry summer program in Oxford, where I read every Discworld book Terry Pratchett has published and earn big dad points by taking the boys to Legoland.

I'm introduced to a website called Readerville. I'm hooked.

The day before we leave for my 20th high school reunion in Chapel Hill, Paul Dry contacts me about publishing my manuscript.

I set up a website and won't shut up.

The Verb 'To Bird' is published. I visit California and get to ride in Randall Stickrod's Porsche from LA to San Francisco. Kelly and I spend two weeks in Italy researching our novel and eating like kings.

The Woodberry Forest forensics/debate team wins the debate championship at the Virginia Catholic Forensic League state tournament.

I compose a fake commercial for "Trailburst Nuggets" for Woodberry's production of I Hate Hamlet. Dixon does the voice of the chipmunk.

In the summer, we move to a new house just off campus. Dixon enters Woodberry Forest School.

George W. Bush goes back to Texas, while Ian graduates from Orange County High School and enters Virginia Commonwealth University.

I think that brings us up to date.

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