I got a bit of promising news yesterday, but I'm not going to say anything else because that will make it go away.


Instead I will simply note that I am headed to Washington this weekend to catch my old partner in crime Peter Spruyt, who'll be performing standup at the Bentzen Ball comedy festival. Those of you wishing to see the world dissected by a mind unlike yours or most other people's would do well to pick up tickets. ($15 for any single show.) Peter now lives in LA and has appeared in a variety of films (Men in Black II, Down with Love) and TV shows (My Name Is Earl), but at our house, he'll always be known as the guy who dragged us out to see our first Transactors show, as well as the one with whom I created the legendary Lawrence Welk-ized version of "My Sharona" for the 1980 Junior Follies at Chapel Hill High. (Yes, he did most of the work.)

Oh, and Catch-22 goes up in less than three weeks. Eep.

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