The Hole

When you take a week off from grading papers in order to put on a play, it means that you spend the next week grading all the papers you should have been grading last week.

It also means that all the papers you should be grading THIS week aren't getting graded until next week.

Of course, if you're as close to exams as we are--they start on Thursday the 19th--there is basically no next week in which to do this week's grading.

In short, I'm in the hole and I'm not getting out anytime soon.

But hey, I'm done with the fall play, which means I'll have afternoons after classes off for the rest of the year. I'll still be giving up a weekend or six in order to put out the next issues of the newspaper, but those are a little easier to take when I've got afternoons to spend, say, grading papers. Or maybe even going for long walks, so long as we're not getting hit by another load of leftover tropical storm or something.

And though I can't quite do anything about it yet, I can also take some satisfaction in having gotten some feedback from a trusted reader concerning the manuscript of A Raven for Doves. After a couple of months without looking at it, I was happy to discover that the draft I sent her was actually pretty good.

Now all I have to do is get out of this hole so I can polish it up and find a reader that will offer me money. Yay!

Oh, and there's one other thing: Saturday is the Woodberry Forest Varsity Football Network's final internet broadcast for 2009. If you want to hear the excitement as the 7-1 WFS Tigers take on their archrivals, the 4-4 Episcopal High School Maroon, tune in at at 2:00 this Saturday to hear me and my partner, analyst/physics teacher Greg Jacobs, bring you the 109th playing of The Game live from the Hummel Bowl in Alexandria!

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