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Sunday's trip in and around Blackwater NWR on Maryland's Eastern Shore was a good one, not just because of my first Long-tailed Duck, but because of a wide variety of other cool birds, good company, and quality steamed shrimp from the Portside restaurant in Cambridge.

My friends Nick and Ginger joined me on this excursion after our original trip was snowed out at the end of January; alas, that meant that we missed the hordes of Snow Geese that winter at Blackwater, but we did see plenty of other stuff:

Our lodgings for Saturday night. I have my doubts about that sign, since I'm assuming that a nuclear explosion would probably reduce the amount of concern felt by the Days Inn staff about my wake-up call.

Below is the scene that confronted us just about everywhere in the area: skillions of Canada Geese:

The refuge claims to host 500 Tundra Swans during the winter. I believe we saw each of them individually:

A pair of Great Blue Herons getting an early start on nesting season:

Well, okay, we got ONE Snow Goose. He had a broken left wing and was hanging out with the Canadas near the refuge HQ while awaiting the wildlife rescue & rehab people:


Our biggest surprise was the out-of-his-range White Pelican sitting out in the middle of one impoundment. I'd seen them in Florida and Iowa, but never anywhere close to the Chesapeake. Here you'll see him with an immature Bald Eagle:

Here they are after Young Mr. Eagle has taken wing and flown a little too close for Mr. Pelican's liking:

And last but not least, this handsome devil:

All in all, then, a good day on the Eastern Shore. But someday, someday, I will get back there in time to see some of the wintering flocks. With any luck, Roland will have hooked up with his traveling companions by then, and Mr. Pelican will have a more peaceful vacation.

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