Not in My Neighborhood

I don't watch Fox News. Not a shock, since I don't have a working TV, but even if I were to watch TV news, I wouldn't watch Fox News.

This is one reason why.

Having not read it for myself, I don't have a lot to say on the study by the LSU professor who blames the sense of entitlement among today's students on their viewing of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, but I do have to say this about the Fox News crew's "discussion" of the issue:

You can insult Jim Henson and the Muppets. You can mock the comic books on which I cut my literary teeth. You can cast aspersions on the cheap and easy animation shortcuts of the Hannah-Barbera studios. You can call my favorite childhood cereals sugar-loaded crap. I'm a grownup. I can handle it.

But if you're going to call Fred Rogers "evil" in my presence, I will fuck you up.

Sorry, Mr. R. It had to be said.

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