Not Muppets

100_3011.JPGThis is not a Muppet. No, this is a very young Eastern Phoebe, born to the clan of them (affectionately known as the Renfields for their insect-eating habits) that has occupied the nest atop the light fixture in our carport for the last three summers.

Say hi to the nice people, Baby Renfield. And don't sign anything Disney offers you until we go over the fine print with our lawyers.

100_3096.JPGThis is also not a Muppet. It is a wicked, evil potato of indeterminate age that Kelly discovered during its attempt to roll away under the pantry shelf in an insane bid for freedom.

You have the right to remain silent, Bad Potato.

100_3044.JPGTHIS is a Muppet.

No, wait. That's DeeDee, the World's Roundest Dog. She belongs to my brother-in-law Mark, who hosted my mother-in-law's 80th birthday party last weekend. Happy birthday, Ruth!

Good girl, DeeDee. Tell Frank Oz he can take his hand out now.

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