Yes We Canton!

In honor of this weekend's Pro Football Hall of Fame inductions, I figured it was time to post my pictures of an equally significant but far sillier gridiron ceremony: the annual presentation of the Super Duper Bowl trophy to the champion of the Fantasy League of Gentlemen/Gentlewomen. Each year, the trophy (which may cost no more than $15) is presented by the previous year's champion to the new champion, which meant that thanks to my Fighting Coelacanths' triumph over the Screamin' Boiled Lobsters at the end of 2009, I received it from my old pal Daniel C. Sipp, owner/operator of the 2008 champs, the Donkeys.

100_3323.JPGEach trophy is unique, and may be handmade or machine-tooled, decorated or still in its original packaging, according to the whims of the presenter. The 2009 trophy was built and painted by Dan from a model kit, with a few special touches to indicate its significance in FLOGG. Here's a closer look at the trophy:

100_3321.JPGAnother view:

100_3322.JPG Yes, THIS is what we play for.

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