Among the Things I'm Thankful For:

1) Kelly, because she's awesome.
2) Things One and Two, who have turned out far better than my own contributions would suggest (see #1)
3) A chocolate whiskey cake from Bakery 129 that has to be tasted to be believed.
4) Having old friends Liz and Helen get in touch through Facebook.
5) The Flamingos' version of "I Only Have Eyes for You," which transcends space and time in its coolness.
6) Being able to sit around with the family and watch old episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
7) Parents who gracefully walked that fine line between restrictive and permissive without losing their balance.
8) Comfortable shoes.
9) A hound dog whose love, while largely devoid of good sense, is unconditional.
10) Living in a time when coffee can be shipped across the globe to places where it doesn't grow naturally.
11) Birds of prey. Because they're just cool, y'know?
12) The book I'm currently reading, Michael Chabon's Manhood for Amateurs, which is just bloody brilliant.
13) Time away from work, even if I do have to finish writing up my grades and comments.
14) Not having any more deer carcasses halfway under my fence. Today, anyway.
15) A computer which stores over 10,000 songs, so I can listen to ABBA, Chet Atkins, Frank Zappa, ZZ Top, or anything in between.
16) Cinnamon crunch bagels from Panera.
17) The ability to carry a tune.
18) The print of Sheila Waters' "Roundel of the Seasons" which has hung on our bedroom wall for nearly 20 years.
19) The duct tape with which I was able to rehang "Roundel of the Seasons" when it fell off the wall the other day.
20) The president of my alma mater hasn't had to write this letter to its students.
21) Seeing a vermilion flycatcher this spring. Because, well, damn.
22) Finding a Dresden Dolls DVD in the bargain bin at the Food Lion. For $3.99. Yes, the Food Lion in Orange.
23) Kelly is almost done with the ARC of Terry Pratchett's new Tiffany Aching book.
24) I've finished three manuscripts and have a very good idea of what the next one's going to be.
25) I don't have an after-school activity to coach every day in the winter.
26) The earth's orbit around the sun is showing no signs of increased decay--thank you, momentum!
27) I play in the best fantasy football league ever devised by human(?) beings--and I've clinched a playoff spot.
28) I've lived through the primes of Raquel Welch, Paulina Porizkova, Elle MacPherson, and Gina Torres.
29) The final volume of Planetary is out at long, long last.
30) There are still at least a dozen Vladimir Nabokov books that I haven't read yet.
31) George W. Bush is ineligible to serve as president again.
32) My kids are friends with people of other races, religions, and sexualities and don't see anything remarkable about it.
33) I directed a very successful production of The Foreigner this fall.
34) Ta-Nehisi Coates' blog over at and its lively, improbable group of commenters (a/k/a The Lost Battalion, a/k/a The Golden Horde, a/k/a Team Commie.)
35) Alex Hoyt, Woodberry '05, who came back to campus as an intern and taught Thing Two English last year, instilling in him a love of reading and writing that has transformed his senior year of high school.
36) The fine folks at Book Balloon, even when they're quoting Nietzsche and talking about Project Runway.
37) Family, friends, and good health.
38) My sabbatical starts in a little over three months!
39) The Internets, which bring you here, and which produce such a wealth of otherwise unavailable material for us all to enjoy:

anteater.jpgHappy Turkey Day to you all!

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