College Town, Week One Pics

For the visually-oriented folks out there.

100_3757.JPGMy first morning in Ithaca--March 14th. And yes, it was snowing.

100_3764.JPGThe view out behind the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. At left you can see one of the two Great Blue Heron nests (and one of its inhabitants, who like me showed up on the morning of the 15th) clearly silhouetted. The second nest (and second heron) are just to the right of center, and a bit harder to see.

100_3775.JPGA closer look at the left-hand nest, with both herons preening and readying themselves for mating season. Two more have turned up to occupy the other nest.

163241.jpgWebcam shot of yrs. truly and one of the wooden decoys used by Steve Kress's Project Puffin to make the transplanted birds think Eastern Egg Rock was a thriving Atlantic Puffin colony.

100_3778.JPGOne of my favorite artists--since I was about six years old--is Charley Harper, whose geometric approach to nature graced the pages of George Fichter's The Animal Kingdom, one of my favorite books, now sadly out of print (and going for THREE HUNDRED BUCKS on Amazon!) And the CLO has his work hanging everywhere. There are two framed prints in the Sapsucker Lounge, where I and two of the art interns have set up shop, and here's one by the restrooms. It's just a little--unnerving. Like having Warhols in the copier room would be.

100_3788.JPGScenic Ithaca Falls, seen from the tiny and somewhat neglected municipal park. Astonishingly, this is right in the middle of town and NO ONE NOTICES. This fantastic THING is happening, and local teens are using it as a place to swill PBR and leave the cans lying around. The force of the water is sufficient to kick up a notable breeze, and it's one that a) packs a lot of moisture, and b) packs a lot of cold. You can feel the falls before you get close to them, but when you do you can see how much ice has built up around the branches of the nearby trees.

100_3773.JPGPerhaps it is best that you do not ask what goes on in the Potoo Room.

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