College Town, Week Two Pics

Looks like I was right about not blogging every day, wasn't I?

But that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. I watched UNC's first three NCAA tournament games at Uncle Joe's Sports Bar on Green Street, I spent Wednesday at home (thanks to what started out as SNOWPOCALYPSE II: THE REVENGE and ended up as about two inches of damp, slushy snow), and on Thursday I attended the first lecture (rescheduled from Wednesday) in my Spring Field Ornithology class. That lecture was then put into practice this morning when I took my first four-hour session with my birding group (in which I was not only the only male, but apparently the only person over 5' 2".) We logged a variety of unphotographed birds, including the year's first Eastern Meadowlark, and two species long missing from my year lists: the Fox Sparrow and the Rusty Blackbird.

But yes, I have taken some pictures.

100_3794.JPGThis is Buttermilk Falls, just southwest of Ithaca proper. It's a less impressive precipice than Ithaca Falls, but it's a nicer little park, in most ways.

100_3814.JPGA look at the hill (and Ithaca College) looming over the river at Treman State Marine Park, right on the edge of Lake Cayuga. (I took a several-mile walk around the park on Sunday the 20th.)

100_3836.JPGCanada Geese in the marsh near Kip's Barn at the CLO.

100_3829.JPGI've seen minks and beavers at the CLO. Could one of them have left these tracks over the ice near Kip's Barn?

100_3839.JPGFriday's weather report: "mostly sunny with occasional flurries." Say what?

100_3796.JPG"The Master... is not... here... tonight... but he wanted you... to have... these complimentary... breadsticks..."

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