We spent yesterday on a late-birthday tour of northern Virginia, starting in Vienna at the Pure Pasty Company, where we gobbled the first Cornish pasties I've had since I was last in the UK (1999, for those keeping track at home.) If you're in the Vienna area, by ALL means swing by to try them out; the traditional beef pasty is mighty fine, but I also got to sample the Slowdown Veggie and Chicken Provencal pasties (yes, we brought some home), and I'd have to recommend those two as well. The sausage roll is also excellent, and very filling as well.

From there it was off to Borders, which wasn't going out of business, but which still sold us a couple of graphic novels, a new copy of the long out-of-print David Quammen collection Natural Acts, and three CDs which were under eight bucks each (The Kick Inside, which was Kate Bush's first album, The Best of Spike Jones, and the debut album from Californy's surrealistic comic troupe the Firesign Theater, Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him.)

And then it was Game Time.

Some of you may have had the chance to tune in on Saturday night to watch the big game on CBS, a game in which my beloved Tar Heels, led by freshman point guard Kendall Marshall's stellar passing and exceptional floor generalship, defeated the 4th-ranked dook* Blue Devils on Senior Night to bring their 28th regular-season ACC title to Chapel Hill.

It looked kinda like this:

kendallzilla.jpg(Image courtesy of "trumpetbutt")

*Yes, that's how we spell it in Chapel Hill.

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