College Town, Week Four Pics

It's been a busy week, that's for sure. Lots of travel, lots of birds. A few highlights:

100_4021.JPGOn a rather snowy April 5th, Living Bird editor Tim Gallagher and I went to Brodock Press in Utica to oversee the printing of the upcoming issue. The "waiting room" at Brodock is a suite of rooms upstairs, all done up as an Adirondack lodge, complete with hunting trophies, natural-wood fittings and furniture, and of course a canoe.

100_4024.JPGHere Tim checks the pages from the press against his proofs, looking primarily for consistency of color or any discrepancies in print quality. (This is a story about birding in Colombia, by the way--well worth checking out.)

100_4034.JPGStacks of pages, with the test strips for the CMYK colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK) creating a pleasing LEGO-like effect.

100_4039.JPGTim catches me celebrating a successful shot on Brodock's superb pool table. And yes, those are wolf skins hanging on the wall behind me.

100_4044.JPGComing back from Utica, Tim and I stopped briefly at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge on the north end of Cayuga Lake. Here we discovered several hundred teeming carp, most about two feet long, all trying to swim through a screened channel to get upstream to a warmer pool.

100_4054.JPGDespite Tuesday's snows, by Thursday morning spring was doing its best to get back in the swing of things. Skunk Cabbage is sprouting everywhere, particularly in and around the vernal pools at Stewart Park.

100_4074.JPGThe Stephen Bissette-John Totleben Memorial Muck-Encrusted Mockery of a Mound, Sapsucker Woods, 4/7/11.

100_4077.JPGOn Saturday, April 9th, the Spring Field Ornithology class headed to Montezuma NWR for the day. Here my group is stopped near the headquarters to look over a group of waterfowl which turned out to include a Common Teal--now considered a race of the Green-winged Teal--but a life bird for me.

100_4095.JPGGroup Leader Bob McGuire sets up his scope to give us a better look at the day's second life bird, the Eurasian Wigeon on the pond behind the Montezuma Audubon Center.

100_4088.JPGAnd the third life bird of the day: a serene and softly honking Trumpeter Swan, one of a sextet we encountered on a pond across from the MAC. I've been waiting to see this bird since I first read the story of Louis.

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