College Town, Week Five Pics

They think I'm not paying attention, but I noticed: the two occasions when we had birding trips scheduled this week? Totally shitty weather. I'm talking biting wind, rain, even a little ice this morning. But the days between the scheduled birding outings? Absolutely gorgeous.

So yes, I'm taking it personally.

Anyway, here are some of the sights of the season (whichever of those Ithaca happens to be in right now...)

100_4100.JPGA break in the clouds at the western horizon led to this beautiful glow near the airport, right before darkness, rain, and wind set in to make our evening complete. On the plus side, we did hear an American Woodcock saying "peent" a number of times on this very spot, right before he launched into his mating flight (which we could hear but not see.)

100_4111.JPGThe Great Horned Owls in Stuart Park have produced at least two offspring, one of whom can be seen glowering demonically here. But isn't he fluffy and cute? He looks like the lead in Muppet Antichrist.

100_4108.JPGThere are signs of spring in Ithaca, but only if you're a skunk cabbage.

100_4128.JPGSo who knew that Ithaca was only 20 minutes away from Taughannock Falls, the highest (215 feet) waterfall in the northeast? I sure didn't, at least until I stopped by on the way to Trumansberg for pizza.

100_4126.JPGLike the CLO's other interns, Jane and Evaristo, who are interning in the art department, I work in the Sapsucker Lounge, which means we are often delighted by the arrival of new and interesting waterbirds on the lab's pond. And when there are no new and interesting birds alighting on the pond, we occasionally get bored.

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