College Town, Week Three Pics

Busy morning, what with our Spring Field Ornithology group investigating spots such as Myers Point (where I heard, for the first time ever, a Common Loon call coming over the water--an absolutely electric sound), Stewart Park, and Jetty Woods. I followed that up with a stop by the Ithaca Farmer's Market on the way home, and oh my god. But anyway, here are some photos from the end of March/beginning of April.

100_3843.JPGI made Hoppin' John last Sunday, after a challenging shopping trip. I found the shalottes with no problem, but finding seasoned black-eyed peas and collards at Wegman's was proving difficult. Finally I went past the international foods section and discovered "Southern." Jake, my landlord's dog, thinks he's getting some. He's wrong.

100_3874.JPGSean, the landlord in question, and his friend Yula. On Tuesday we had a very nice dinner, cooked primarily by the former, with tapenade, cheese and bread, mussels marinara, and a pasta with cauliflower, parmaggiono, and basil. Then Yula broke out the ice cream, kiwis and mangoes. Nommmmm.

100_3876.JPGThis shot is from Wednesday, March 30th, the last day of significant ice coverage at the CLO pond, and one of the Great Blue Herons nesting at the Lab took a final stroll around the ice sheet before it melted away. (Note that his right foot is missing its rear toe; that's how we know he was nesting here last year, too.)

100_3923.JPGOccasionally mammals will visit the Lab as well.

100_3925.JPGAs the meltwater rises around Sapsucker Woods, the view can get kind of Escher-like.

100_3936.JPGThis is actually an experiment at work in the woods outside the lab; some of the local Black-capped Chickadees have been fitted with leg bands containing tiny transponders.They have no power source, which would weigh too much for a songbird, but the feeder has a small electromagnetic counter (the red loop tied to the perches), so that when a banded chickadee lands on it, it registers on the computer that's counting the birds' visits to the feeder.

100_3960.JPGToday was the first day of the Ithaca Farmer's Market, which is about twice the size of the one I know best, in Harrisonburg. I not only snagged bread and cheese for the week, but had an excellent and varied lunch as well: a pollo verde burrito, a skewer of lemongrass chicken, a Tibetan red cabbage salad, and a cinnamon roll too big to finish.

100_3973.JPGA busker broke out his axe while I was eating my cabbage salad in the sun. I believe he was doing "Ring of Fire" when this young fellow in a skully hat became fascinated.

100_3976.JPGFemales with multicolored hair engaged in the purchase of organic vegetables; if there's an antonym for "Woodberry" in the dictionary, this is probably the illustration.

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