Home at Last

After two and a half months, I'm back in the arms of my loving family. I'll be posting a few more pictures of my last days in Ithaca and my trip through New England on the way home, but here are a few brief notes:

1) While I was gone, I saw fifteen life birds, six of them in New York, six in New Jersey, two in Maine, and one in Massachusetts. I have now seen life birds in 28 states, and my total is 383 species.

2) When I drove north toward Ithaca on March 13th, I had seen 35 different species during 2011; since that day I have seen 163 additional species for the year. To put that in perspective, consider my biggest-ever total for a single calendar year: in 2004, my "Big Year" list had a grand total of 166 species.

3) I have gotten good news from my employers: as I have been requesting for the last five years, I'll be moving into the English department full-time next year, turning over my duties as a teacher of public speaking to a colleague more qualified than I. I've spent the last twenty years teaching speech, not to mention sixteeen years coaching debate, but it's time to get back to my actual academic field. It's a great homecoming present.

4) I'm not sure the dog remembers me.

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