Dateline: West By God

I'm reporting from Charleston, West Virginia, where Dad and I are holed up in the Fairfield Inn, watching the College World Series (South Carolina clings to a 3-1 lead over Florida in the top of the 6th, if you were wondering) and recovering from a large seafood-based meal at the Tidewater Grill.

We'll be up bright and early tomorrow, though, as we head over the border into Kentucky for a birding trip at Carter Caves State Park. Once we're done there--which means, I hope, a life bird in the Bluegrass State--we'll pull up stakes and head for Indiana. We'll combine birding with driving (through IN, IL, MO, KS, and NE) until Saturday night, by which time I'll be at the Denver airport, ready to catch an early Sunday flight back home.

...and Florida leaves two men stranded to end the inning.

Back with more exciting news tomorrow.

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